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Published on April 1, 2004

April 2004 Contents


13 Vinyl Reviews; 6 xrcd Reviews; Jazz SACD/DVD-A Reviews; Classical SACD/DVD-A Reviews; Pop/Rock SACD/DVD-A Reviews (57 total!); 27 Classical CDs; 12 Jazz CDs; 21 Reissues
Components Reviewed: Polk LSi Series Speakers; Zektor Multichannel Switch; River Speaker Cables; April Fools Music Humor; Lexicon Logic for Bass Management; Nat. Recording Registry; 10 Music Video DVD Reviews plus 20 films & TV series; Survey of the Audio & HT Print Press –

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Weekly Audio News: APR. 7; APR. 14; APR. 21; APR. 28 = New Theremin Revealed; Surround Sound in the Sky and On The Air; RIAA Announces Increased DVD-Audio Sales; Jazz at Lincoln Center’s New Home

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