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Shania Twain: UP! – Mercury B0000788-36

Published on May 24, 2005

Shania Twain: UP! – Mercury B0000788-36
Shania Twain: UP! – Mercury B0000788-36 – Multichannel Hybrid SACD, 74 min. *:

In many respects, Shania Twain is to be commended – she writes her own
songs, conquered Nashville and made it to the top – even if very little
of what she does really resembles traditional country music.
Unfortunately, with her latest release, UP!, what seems to be mostly up
is the volume, and the heavy processing and over-production of all
elements of the recorded sound. What’s definitely down are the really
clever and snappy “woman-on-top of a man’s world” lyrics and posturing
that in the recent past made her such a novel act with so much appeal
to so many. Maybe the novelty has just worn off, but I found very
little here that offered any appeal at all on any level, and if you’re
looking for a veritable garden of audiophile delights, this isn’t it!
Only for extremely die-hard fans.

- Tom Gibbs

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