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“Super Triango” – [PlayList Follows) – Peter Breiner, piano & his Triango Trio – First Impression UHD

OK, it may be standard 44.1/16bit, but I feel it qualifies to be in our hi-res section.

Published on December 14, 2012

“Super Triango” – [PlayList Follows) – Peter Breiner, piano & his Triango Trio – First Impression Music Ultra HD LIM UHD 082, 67:51 [] *****:

(Peter Breiner, piano; Boris Lenko, accordion; Stanislav Paluch, violin; guest cellist Tina Guo on tracks 3, 6 & 9)

Another release in the new series of F.I.M. audiophile reissues using 32-bit mastering and whatever sampling rate sounds the best. As with the others playback may be accomplished on any standard CD player, because these are still 44.1K/16bit format compact discs. Previously I put these in a different category since they are not really hi-res discs, but on the other hand they are—even though they are the standard CD format of 44.1K/24-bit. (But priced considerably higher.)

The violin and accordion are on the left channel and Breiner’s piano on the right. There is pin-point spatial location of the musicians, with a tremendous clarity and presence. The arrangements on these 15 tango-flavored are so effective that I had to keep reminding myself it was only a small trio, with the added cello on three tracks. The length of the tracks is from around three minutes to over six and one-half. My favorite of them was Breiner’s gorgeous version of Piazzolla’s “Adio Nonino,” one of the very best version of this great tune I’ve heard (though there are many), including from a large orchestra. There are three Chinese tunes among the fifteen, keeping in mind one of the prime targets of F.I.M.’s releases. Two of them are in fact Chinese tangos, and one comes from a film score. They don’t sound especially Chinese and fit in well.

1 A Media Luz (In Half Light or The Light of Love) (3:29)
2 El Choclo (The Ear of Corn) (6:30)
3 By the Bank of River Su (5:39)
Adios Muchachos (Goodbye, boys) (3:45)
5 La Cumparsita (The Little Parade) (4:37)
6 Old Dream Lingers On (3:55)
7 Caminito (Little Path) (2:58)
8 Volver (To Return) (6:54)
9 When Will You Come Again? (4:17)
10 Melancolico (3:50)
11 Orlando Gobbi (3:08)
12 Maria (5:05)
13 Adios Nonino (Farewell, Nonino) (4:26)
14 Lo Que Vendra (6:42)
15 Calle Cabildo (2:51)

—John Sunier

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