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Audio News for October 22, 2013

New Aggregator Purifier App; Christie Vive Audio Cinema Speakers; Avid Announces Plug-Ins for Pro Tools; From a Blog on Computer Audio

Published on October 22, 2013

New Aggregator Purifier App – Matthew Gudinski has launched a music content aggregator platform free app called Purifier. It creates a ‘content dashboard’ for users based on their selected artists and news sources—from major media and music sites to international blogs and social media platforms. Purifier claims to have 15,000 content sources and millions more they are working on. They complain that many content providers don’t tag their content properly, but they’ve managed to tag 70%. They hope to create a music community and then develop revenue streams from unobtrusive song and ticket purchase sales.

Christie Vive Audio Cinema Speakers leverage the potential of leading immersive audio platforms such as Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D. They can be also be installed in traditional 5.1 and 7.1 configurations. They feature a combination of ribbon-driver technology  with a unique parabolic line-array design in a single compact cabinet—the first to be used in a cinema environment. Using Class D amplification, they deliver timbre-matching, enhanced voice intelligibility and low distortion, with the parabolic line-array design increasing the optimal listening area up to four times that of standard point-source systems. The low mass of the ribbon drivers responds quickly to audio signals and eliminates the effects of high-frequency breakup and power compression. The entire system can be integrated into an existing or new theater auditorium to deliver an immersive listening experience making exhibitors stand out from their competition. The Dolby Atmos system Christie Vive has installed in the Buena Part Metroplex 18 in Southern California has a 40-channel cinema-centric line-array audio system including ceiling and wall surround speakers.

Avid Announces Plug-Ins for Pro Tools – Avid had announced they now have over 600 64-bit AAX plug-ins for their Avid Pro Tools 11, the new standard for professional audio production. Content creation can be speeded up due to the Avid Audio Engine, which delivers many times the processing power of any previous Pro Tools version.  Professional gain more accessible RAM to booast performance and get hundreds of options to take their music and audio production to a higher level. More than 60 Avid development partners have embraced the new AAX format.

From a Blog on Computer Audio – This was just posted from a reader of an article on computer audio. Interesting…:  I recently bought a small self-powered USB DAC which was advertised as “plug and play”. It was my first step into computer audio. Well, it is anything but simple! I was on the phone with a very patient manufacturer’s rep for nearly an hour on two occasions. Every time I wanted to do something different, it required downloading software. Want to stream radio broadcasts (?) then download this. Want to listen to dad’s… (?) then download that..

Come on, what a pain in the ass. Reminds me of the early days of LPs when pre-amps had half a dozen phono equalization curves to choose from. Only this computer stuff is more difficult. We really need true “plug and play”.  I don’t see how this will become the new standard if it is so difficult.


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