APRIL 2003 Features:
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Weekly Audio News (See Index for previous weeks): APR. 1; APR.9; APR. 16; APR. 23 = Universal Commits to DVD-Audio; Apple Considering Vivendi Universal Purchase?; DVD-Audio in New Acura
Hi-Res Reviews: Part 1 (Rock/Pop),  Part 2 (Pop/Classical), Part 3 (Classical) (35 total!)
Win one of these new TELARC Hybrid Multichannel SACDs! Six lucky winners!
Shanling Vacuum Tube SACD Player
The winners for March were: Rod Nason of Gardiner, MA (jazz), and Gary Vance Lea of Livonia, MI (classical) - Congratulations! Your choice of either Vaughan Williams’ stirring “Sea Symphony” - with the Atlanta Symphony and Chorus conducted by Robert Spano [Just won three Grammy Awards! - see Feb. 26 Audio News]; or bassist Ray Brown’s last recording for Telarc: “Ray Brown/Monty Alexander/Russell Malone.” To enter simply email us here your full name, street address, email address and whether you prefer the classical or jazz SACD. We’ll have two drawings each month thru April 30.
  Equipment Reviews: Shanling SCD-T200 Stereo Tube SACD/CD Player [Premiere Review Anywhere!]; Mark Levinson 390S CD Player; Acoustic Research AW791 Wireless Virtual 5.1 Headphones
  Classical CD Reviews: Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3 (36 total)
April Audio Fools Humor Section! Including Beethoven's Wig, Hysterical Music History, Student Concert Reviews, BIG Horn, Subwoofer on the Cheap (1 review)
 Reissue Classical CDs: Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (16 total)
 DVD-Video Reviews, Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Part 3 (20 total)
  Jazz Reviews: Part 1 & Part 2 (19 total)
  Index to All 128 Disc Reviews in This Issue
tiny CD bullet  Survey of the Audio and Home Theater Print Press (updated 4/15/03) Also check out our updated Audio Links
  Best Classical, Jazz & Rock Discs of 2002 List

Welcome to our 53rd issue of the web magazine for audio, music and home theater - transitioned from the former national radio program AUDIOPHILE AUDITION, which was heard for over 13 years on stations coast to coast. We are dedicated to your auditional wellbeing. Look for a design face-lift of the site very soon.

This month we feature 35 Hi-Res discs - both multichannel and stereo and both DVD-A and SACD (many of them rock and pop), plus 36 classical CDs. There are several shootouts between SACD & DVD-A on the same music. Components covered are the first review in English anywhere of the unique Shanling Vacuum Tube SACD/CD Player, an appreciation of the Mark Levinson 390S CD Player/ Processor, and one of the efforts to bring a surround sound experience to headphone listeners - the Acoustic Research Wireless Virtual Surround Headphone. Our in-depth coverage of all types of optical discs comes to a huge 128 reviews for this issue! The Survey of the Print Audio and HT Press continues and it is now updated as current issues come in. You also have the opportunity to share your thoughts and questions with other audiophiles via our association with the SoundReproduction.com High End Audio Resource:

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