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July 7, 2004

DVD Subscription Services Growing - Sales of downloadable movies and other videos via the Internet is not exactly taking the country by storm as yet. The 4 or more gigabytes of data required take too long to download, and even with the best high-speed connection there is the chance of missing data. DVDs, however, cost only slightly more than CDs to “burn” or press in small quantities and can be sent thru the mail for the price of a first-class stamp. And some DVDs hold as much as 18 GB of data. Thus more individuals and institutions are marketing their films using the Net to advertise them and sending the DVDs thru the mails to buyers. One entrepreneur said it was an open market to put whatever you can on a disc and sell it in this way. The market for specialized visual programming has exploded. Among the offerings are a movie about people who race motorcycles on weekends, a church video directed to youth ministries, and a documentary on mountain-boarding (a type of skateboarding). CustomFlix and Amazon offer special services such as pressing the DVDs from a master, at a cut of up to 55% of the list price.

Naxos Music Library Adds Labels - The new online listening service offered by Naxos has licensed four independent labels to add to their service for music students, teachers, librarians and professional musicians. Founder Klaus Heymann announced that the labels will fill gaps in their classical catalog and expanded their offerings in the world music and jazz genres. The four labels are Analekta, ARC, First Edition and Celestial Harmonies. The online paid service covers the complete Naxos, Marco Polo and Da Capo catalogs, together with background information and composer notes.(The Naxos web site also offered a free streaming audio feed of its entire catalog, but due to tremendous download usage it is no longer entirely free.)

Krell Fights Unauthorized Resellers - In an effort to protect their network of licensed dealers who offer after-sale product service, Krell Industries has hired Net Enforcers Inc. to police any unauthorized distribution of Krell components on the Net. Net Enforcers is an abuse surveillance service which identifies web sites infringing on a company’s name, content, trademarks or images, who falsely claim relationships with a brand to build their credibility, and other nasties. The integrity of many manufacturers is being compromised due to unofficial auction and discount websites which offer the same products at much lower price, taking business away from the legitimate dealers. Transshipping has become a widespread market on the Net, with such sites illegally selling high end brands and sometimes even making negative or offensive associations with a particular brand name.

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