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By registering with AUDIOPHILE AUDITION you will first of all receive one year's worth of the interactive electronic magazine DVD ETC. at absolutely no cost (PC users only so far; Mac version in the works). For details go to

In addition, you will be elligible for our drawings for free hi-res discs, DVDs, CDs, and other items we will be offering in future. We keep your information confidential and do not share it or sell it. Please send us an email to: and answer the following to help us plan how to better serve our readers:

1) Your email address & your city/state/country

2) Is your primary software interest in SACD, DVD-A, standard CD, vinyl, or DVD videos?

3) Do you listen to multichannel or two-channel? If both, what ratio?

4) What genre of recorded music or videos is your greatest interest?

5) What roughly was the cost of your music or home theater system, or what do you plan to spend?

6) Do you have any suggestions as to what AUDIOPHILE AUDITION should cover?

Thank you!

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