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Weekly AUDIO NEWS for September 4, 2002

International CES Returns to Las Vegas for 2003 - The 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show, North America's largest technology tradeshow, returns to Las Vegas January 9-12. Over 2000 international exhibitors in high-end audio, digital video, wireless communications, broadband, and dozens of other electronic technologies will showcase their latest innovations. Bill Gates will deliver the pre-show keynote and Kunitake Ando, Sony Corporation President, will do the opening keynote address.

Audio Obits This Year - We've come to the end of an era in audio with the deaths of several central figures since the first of the year: Paul Klipsch, inventor of the Klipsch Horn, whose company is one of the leading audio manufacturers in the U.S., still making basically the same product introduced a half century ago. A biography of Klipsch was recently published. Henry Kloss, of Audio Research, Advent and Cambridge Soundworks - who among other things convinced Ray Dolby to make a consumer version of his noise reduction system to reduce hiss in consumer cassette recorders. Doug Blackburn, founder of dbx and other audio companies. And Emory Cook, maverick recording engineer who issued the very first stereo discs (using two separate grooves and a bifurcated tonearm holding two cartridges) and later developed an analog/digital noise reduction technique which rivaled the more sophisticated current CEDAR process.

Sirius in Serious Trouble? - Sirius Satellite Radio has responded to allegations that they might be forced to seek bankruptcy protection if they could not raise new funds by the second quarter of next year. Tying it to a misunderstanding of a statement in a filing by the SEC, Sirius claims the word bankruptcy was never used, and that they have been clear about the need to build their cash reserves, though they have enough now to extend into the second quarter of 2003. Sirius delivers 60 commercial free music channels and 40 commercial sports, news and entertainment channels for a $12.95 monthly subscription fee. Their receivers are being offered by such car makers as Chrysler, BMW, Nissan, Audi and Volkswagen, and Kenwood, Clarion and Jensen are among firms making after-market auto receivers. They may be heard live at


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