Audio News for March 25, 2016

To Stream Music to Speakers and Headphones – There are now many wireless headphones and speakers on the market. There is Sonos Connect and Chromecast Audio by Google. The Blipcast, on Kickstarter, lets users send TV audio to their smartphones using Wi-Fi. Another new Kickstarter system is HUB by ekko. It claims to be a hi-fi Wi-Fi system for headphones or speakers that can connect one source to as many as ten audio outputs. It plugs into any audio source with an output jack and broadcasts sound to what they call “audio pucks.” The HUB also has a multi-room feature allowing you to set up a wireless speaker system thruout the home if you already have a powered speaker or sound system. An app controls it and changes the volume on individual audio pucks. It also lets you pipe in streaming music. It is 96/24 hi-res and doesn’t even require a Wi-Fi router to work, since it broadcasts its own ultra-low latency network. After Kickstarter (where it is cheaper), the HUB mini (2 pucks) will be $199 and the HUB (4 pucks) will retail at $299. But it isn’t expected until July of next year.

BoomSound Speakers Popularity – The HTC One (M8) is a smartphone gaining many adherents due to its improved sound. Dual front-facing stereo speakers project the sound at you, not away. You can boost the volume to impressive levels for its small size due to its proprietary membrane excursion. Up to 95 dB volume is possible. There is EQ balancing software built in and temperature sensing automatically lowers the power to protect against speaker damage for durable use. It also has a dual lens camera and metal case. A new model, the flagship M10, will be out April 12, with a Super LCD 5 panel and new BoomSound speakers.

Behringer Ships 192K Audio Interfaces – With audio and MINI I/O, the interfaces allow the user to record multiple tracks on computers in a single pass with audio quality of up to 192kHz. No additional hardware is required and the inclusion of Tracktion Music Production Software turns computers into a comprehensive state-of-the-art recording studio. Rugged design for portability and versatility makes them able to stand up to the challenges of life on the road. Ease of use, low-latency operation and Signal and Clip lights which can be seen a glance allow users to focus on projects without having to memorize a manual.

Igudesman & Joo – With April Fools coming up, you should be aware of today’s top comic pair who do mashups of classical music and pop on stage, violinist Aleksey Igudesman and pianist Hyung-ki Joo. There are loads of their video sketches on YouTube. They are conservatory-trained classical musicians who sort of mix Mozart and Monty Python on the same stage. Joo said “It’s not just about having fun but finding new ways to make music that’s 100 years old relevant again.”

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