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by | Apr 1, 2012 | Home Page

During April we will be awarding two great remastered audiophile vinyl albums to a half dozen AUDIOPHILE AUDITION readers who register this month—one classical and one jazz. We raved about the Ravel Quartet played by the Guarneri Quartet, and the other vinyl is baritone saxist Gerry Mulligan’s 1981 classic Little Big Horn, with six of his compositions. Lancia Media Factory believes vinyl is the ultimate two-channel format, and is remastering some of the classic albums for it. Please register right now to be considered as one of the six winners at the end of this month. More details on our April Editorial Page.             See our new Guide to Hi-Res Downloading

For our April Fools observance we give you today’s specialists in classical music humor: Igudesman & Joo. You’ll find eight more such videos on the same YouTube page. (But please come back after you’ve seen them.)

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