A High-Resolution Audio Experience – Aix Records Video & Audio Sampler, 29 tracks, 11 videos, two different mixes, test tones & system setup info (contents listed below) – AIX

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A High-Resolution Audio Experience – Aix Records Video &
Audio Sampler, 29 tracks, 11 videos, two different mixes, test
tones  & system setup info (contents listed below) – AIX
DVD-A, DVD-V, DTS 5.1, 16:9 enhanced video, many extras – 70433-82001-9

Aix Records, which was founded in 2000, has been one of the pioneers in
the production of original DVD-Audio recordings.  They have
developed the video portion of their productions from a simple
stationary 4:3 record of the surround recording session to a series of
highly professional 16:9 widescreen videos shot in hi-def format. 
The small label has also provided the maximum amount of extras on all
their discs, normally including test tones, setup information,
background on the label, a choice of either close up “Stage” or more
distant “Audience” mixes in the 5.1 channel mode, usually both 96K
surround and 192K stereo options, and sometimes short intros to the
selections or interviews by the performers themselves. Five of their
most recent albums are two-disc packages in which Aix furnishes a
separate audio CD of the music. They have built up a library of
original recordings in many genres, examples of which are presented on
this jam-packed 14GB-full double-sided disc.  They include
Acoustic Instrumentals, Acoustic/Vocal, Classical,
Electric/Instrumental, Jazz Instruments, Jazz Vocals, and

Even those with the most entry-level DVD player and receiver can surely
access the Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks provided on all these discs, and
its quality is excellent.  Next step up would be the DTS 5.1
tracks, which are so good that my feeling is many users would prefer to
view the 11 videos with the DTS soundtracks and not even bother with
the DVD-Audio option on the other side of the disc for those
selections.  Seeing all the performers in action in high-quality
widescreen images seems to make up for the soundtrack lacking that last
little bit of transparency that the purist 96K/24-bit DVD-A option can
give you on the best system. (On this sampler users are given a choice
between not only the Stage and Audience mixes in surround sound but
also an additional Stage mix in two channels.) This is a terrific way
to bring exciting musical performances right into your living room or
home theater in surround sound and with the highest quality images up
on the screen. 

Contents: Mosaic – Laurence Juber; Miner’s Night Out – John McEuen
& Band; Gardenia Shuffle – Dorian Michael & Band; Moonlight
Acoustica – Aix All Star Band; Nordenham – Carl Verheyen Trio; Ocean –
Jonathan McEuen; Charmed – Lisbeth Scott; Cold Outside – Lewen &
Navarro; Lowlands – Brand New Opry; CHOPIN: Nocturne in B Flat Major –
Robert Prosseda; Now Is the Month of Maying – Zephyr; BRAHMS: Clarinet
Quintet, 1st. Movt. – D. Ashkenazy/Ives Quartet; HAYDN: Piano Trio, 1st
movt. – Pro Arte Trio; RAVEL: Pavane for a Dead Princess – George
Enescu Philharmonic Orch.; MOZART: Sym. No. 41, 1st movt. – George
Enescu Philharmonic; STRAVINSKY: Fire Suite Finale – George Enescu
Philharmonic; Rumor Mill – Carl Verheyen Band; The Hag at the Churn –
Bad Haggis; Three Pope – Ernest Ranglin & Band; LA Blues – Brant
Geissman & Band; Yo Go Jo Po – Emil Richards/Joe Porcaro Big Band;
Wet Jackson – Vantage Point; The Very Thought of You – Cheryl Bentyne;
Sweet Georgia Brown – Steve March Tormé; My Boy Lollipop – Alana Davis
& Ernest Ranglin; You’re Gone – Paul Williams & Band; More
Today Than Yesterday – Surf City Allstar Band; Best of My Love – Nicci
Gilbert & Friends; Coming On Home – Steve Pierson & Blues Head.

– John Sunier

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