“Amersterdam Meets New Tango” – Pablo Ziegler & the Metropole Orkest/Jules Buckley – Zoho ZM 201307 (6/11/13) ****:

Pablo Zeigler, the successor to Piazzolla, and two Zoho CDs. 

Pianist-composer Pablo Ziegler was pianist with the great Astor Piazzolla between 1978 and 1989. He’s most prominent as a creator of the Argentinean New Tango and has carried the Nuovo Tango banner ever since Piazzolla’s demise. In his first CD he re-casts his trio arrangements for the unique orchestra/big band known as the Metropole Orkest. It is a musical hybrid of the classic tango with American jazz. Ziegler is no stranger to the world of crossover projects and has worked with Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Maria Schneider and many others. Tasteful and exciting music, to be sure.

1. Buenos Aires Report 5:31 Ziegler
2. Milonga para Hermeto 5:39 Quique Sinesi
3. Blues Porteno 7:43 Ziegler
4. Desperate Dance 5:57 Ziegler
5. Murga del Amanecer 6:27 Ziegler
6. Places 6:44 Ziegler
7. Pajaro Angel 5:48 Ziegler
8. Buenos Aires Dark 9:05 Ziegler
9. Que lo parió 5:17 Ziegler

“Jazz Tango” – Pablo Ziegler Trio with Hector Del Curto, bandoneon, and Claudio Ragazzi, guitar – Zoho ZM 201704, (5/5/17) ****:

For his more recent CD for Zoho, Ziegler has continuously explored the musical contours of traditional tango forms. He has performed this music in almost every conceivable format, combination and permutation, all around the world. There are three Piazzolla pieces among the ten on the album, but the rest are new creations by Ziegler himself. No wonder that the pianist/composer has won a Latin Grammy with several nominations, all in the tango category.

1 Michelangelo 70 (Live) 5:14
2 La Fundicion (Live) 6:36
3 Milonga Del Adios (Live) 9:41
4 Buenos Aires Report (Live) 5:14
5 Blues Porteno (Live) 7:42
6 Fuga Y Misterio (Live) 5:32
7 Elegante Canyenguito (Live) 6:00
8 La Rayuela (Live) 5:40
9 Muchacha De Boedo (Live) 9:26
10 Libertango (Live) 8:54

—John Sunier