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LISTENER = The May/June issue of the Hi-Fi & Music Review sports one of Editor Art Dudley's witty photos of am Amish wagon with a road sign showing another obsolete item - a turntable. Music Hall's MMF-7 under $1000 turntable gets a rave cover story along with Snell's Type AIII speakers, and a report on CES 2002 is titled Beer & Lowthers In Las Vegas. Roy Hall tells about his visit to a Shanghai speaker factory and there's an obit for audio pioneer Henry Kloss. Components covered: Naim NAC 112/NAP 150 combo, Galante Rhapsody speakers, Wright PP100C phono preamp, Audio Note moving-coil step-up transformers, 47 Laboratory Shigaraki DAC, Mission 780 speakers.

THE SENSIBLE SOUND = The April/May issue features Tom Lyle on the $3,495/pair Audio Physics Tempo IIIi loudspeaker system ("the combination of a practically flawless midrange, seemingly limitless treble, extraordinary soundstage, and good looks makes this speaker an easy recommendation...those with small-to-medium listening rooms and with musical tastes that aren't too aggressive might find these speakers to be nearly perfect"). Howard Ferstler on the $100 Hsu Research Bass Optimizer ("if you want super bass on the cheap and have a 150+ watt amp of your own, obtaining the Optimizer and a Hsu subwoofer may be your most efficient ticket to superior subwoofer performance") and NHT ST4, SB3, SB1, SC1, and SW10 loudspeakers ("all three satellite pairs, particularly if the smaller ones were used with the NHT subwoofer, or any other good subwoofer, sounded excellent"). This issue also has a ton of music reviews. - RN

THE ABSOLUTE SOUND = Thiel's CS1.6 speakers grace the cover of the April/May issue, and are described as attractive, affordable & awesome. Other cover features include a review of Audio Research's Ref 2 Preamp, Affordable Integrated Amps from three firms, Polk's new LSi speakers, 24 pages of classical, jazz & rock reviews, and David Chesky holding forth on his alternative approach to multichannel recording - including a major recommendation for Ambisonics. J. Gordon Holt's column reacts to the January Stereophile's interview with three of the country's top audio dealers, who all reacted to the idea of surround sound for music "with the fastidious disgust with which one regards a mummified mouse retrieved from under the 'fridge." He suggests why this attitude exists with many high-enders, and says that those rare people who relate to the sound of real music in a real acoustical space must have surround sound for music.

Components: Budget turntables from Music Hall, Sota and Pro-Ject Audio Systems; The Tannoy Super-Tweeter, Magnepan's MG-20.1 speaker; Rega Jupiter 2000 CD player; Quad II-Forty & QC-24 preamps & II-forty monoblock amps; Integrateds from Arcam, Rega & Roksan; Compact speakers from Sonus Faber & Sehring; Legacy Whisper speaker, Van Den Hul VDH Array M-1 monoblock amp; MBL 8011 power amp.

WIDESCREEN REVIEW = The April issue has a still from Training Day on the cover, and cover stories are: Report on Hi-Def D-VHS-D-Theater Movies (HDTV Owners Celebrate!), AudioControl's Pantages 5-channel power amp, and the JVC HM DH30000U HD VCR. (JVC is obviously not planning to give up on the VHS videotape medium in the face of the huge success of optical disc. The fact that HDTV movies of any length can be accommodated on a single tape is one advantage they have over DVD; another is that image resolution is significantly greater than any broadcast HDTV signal - whether from dish or terrestrial source.) The first HDTV releases from Universal, Fox, Artisan and DreamWorks are reviewed, and a WSR dedicated website for D-VHS has been put online. Also in the issue John Dunlavy continues his series on Loudspeaker Accuracy and Bill Hunt reports on Fact Or Rumor.

STEREOPHILE GUIDE TO HOME THEATER = March/April is the Recommended Components 2002 Issue, with over 150 of their favorite products. Pioneer's Elite DVR-7000 Reference DVD Recorder is on the front cover, illustrating a review of this DVD-RW compatible optical recorder. Also cover-featured are articles on Great Sound for Your PC, Energy Speakers, Polk Digital Audio Solution HTiB, Balanced Audio Technology power amp and Princeton direct-view HDTV. Hope for HD, and Home Theater Architect are other articles this issue.

HOME THEATER = The April issue features the Home Theater Shopper's Survival Guide, with advice on where to shop, what to ask and deals to avoid. Home Theater Remodel Start to Finish, Expert Advice: Power Up Your System, and Gorgeous Gear at Beer-Budget Prices are other cover stories. Components reviewed; Faroudja NRS Video Scaler, Fujitsu PDS-5002 50-inch plasma HD monitor, Polk DS7200 HtiB, Yamaha RX-V2200 AV Receiver, B&W CM Series speaker system, Jamo A410PDD speaker system, Apex AD-7701 DVD-Audio/SACD Player.

AUDIO XPRESS = The April issue - continuing Audio Electronics, Glass Audio & Speaker Builder magazines - has loads of articles for the technically-proficient DIY audio buff. Double Your Outputs, Cut the Beta-Droop; Building a Super Mic Preamp; Construct a Big Infinite Box Sub; Richard Modafferi on Designing a New Class B Amp; This Power Plant Babies Your Tubes, and reviews of Perpetual Technologies DA Conversion and Loudspeaker Correction and Audiocraft: Up From Hi-Fi's Early Days.

BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE = Rostropovich is on the cover for the April issue, for a feature titled Slava at 75 - A Living Legend Looks Back. Breaking the Silence is a report from Kabul, Afghanistan, and "Wising up, not dumbing down" asks if perhaps we know too much about classical music? In an Object Lesson in Music History John Milsom explains how the tape recorder and other objects changed the source of sonic history. 150 classical CDs are reviewed and rated this month.

INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW = Conductor Osmo Vänskä is on the front of the April issue, with a story on his new Nielsen cycle for the BIS label. Monteverdi's Vespers on Record and Commanding Wagner from Bryn Terfel are the two other cover stories. There is a new section on Listening to Contemporary Music and the music DVD section continues to review the many operas currently being released on DVD.

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