Weekly AUDIO NEWS for April 16, 2003

San Francisco Home Entertainment Show - HE2003, the home theater and specialty audio show, is scheduled for June 6th thru 8th at the Westin-St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. Sponsored by Stereophile and associated Primedia publications plus the San Francisco Chronicle, the show gives HT enthusiasts, audiophiles and music lovers the chance to see and hear over $3 million worth of audio, video, and home theater products under one roof. It’s the fourth visit of the show to San Francisco. Educational seminars with industry experts are a feature of the show, plus access to live concerts by classical, jazz, blues and contemporary artists who record for some of the audiophile record labels who will be represented at HE2003. Advance tickets are available at or 800-830 3976.

Dolby Digital 5.1 TV Programming Increase - A wide variety of discrete DD 5.1 surround programming is now available to be decoded by over 40 million set-top boxes and 25 million home theater systems with Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding. Many live sports and other event telecasts now feature 5.1 soundtracks and the recent Grammy Awards were so broadcast. The Sopranos, Queer as Folk and Six Feet Under are some of the premium shows now regularly carrying DD 5.1 sound, and many feature film telecasts are broadcast in 5.1.

Sony Introduces FireWire-Equipped Multichannel Components - Sony Europe (may not be yet available in the U.S.) has introduced the TA-DA9000ES digital seven-channel integrated amp (200w per) which is outfitted with a standard i.Link/IEEE 1394/FireWire interface capable of connecting to the similarly-equipped SCD-XA9000ES multichannel SACD Player. D-to-A conversion of the six SACD player output channels is thereby avoided until just prior to the speaker feeds. The seventh channel is for Dolby EX and DTS-ES, because the amp also decodes both of those as well as Pro Logic II and 96/24.

DVD Copying Software Maker in the Courts - 321 Studios has been in and out of the courts for some time concerning their DVD X Copy software, which enables the user to backup, copy and restore DVD movies to DVD-RW discs in a DVD recorder. Their latest case is scheduled for next week in San Francisco. The $99 Windows-only program allows duplicating any DVD movie, but 321 states that all copies include a digital stamp traceable back to the program user and that it is not intended for use in pirating commercial DVDs.

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