Here's a little sonic Christmas present for you! From the 20th Annual Christmas Tuba Concert in Portland, OR - an original medley arr. for 200 tubas & cond. by John Richards. Talk about an audiophile sound! Plug in headphones (this is binaural!) and click on photo to download the 3 min. mp3 file.
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DECEMBER 2002 Features:
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Weekly Audio News (See Index for previous weeks): NOV. 27; DEC. 4; DEC. 11; DEC 18; DEC. 25 = Surround Music Award Winners; Blue Laser Standard Set for Hi-Def DVD Format; Two Products Gone
Hi-Res Reviews (DVD-Audio & SACD) Classical/ Jazz/Pop/Rock: Part 1,  Part 2,   Part 3 (25 total)
 Equipment Reviews:  Sunfire Theater Grand AV Surround Preamp III, Smart Devices GC-120 AC Line Purifier, Clark Synthesis Silver Tactile Sound Transducer, CARA Test CD, Index to Reviews
  Classical CD Reviews: Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (26 total)
  Jazz Reviews (11 total)
 Reissue Classical CDs: Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (17 total)
  xrcd2 & DTS-only Reviews (11 total)
 DVD-Video Reviews, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (23 total)
  Index to All 110 Disc Reviews in This Issue
tiny CD bullet  Survey of the Audio and Home Theater Print Press for December
  Best Classical and Jazz CDs of 2001 List - 2002 List coming

Welcome to the 49th issue of the web magazine for audio, music and home theater - transitioned from the former national radio program AUDIOPHILE AUDITION, which was heard for over 13 years on stations coast to coast. We are dedicated to your auditional wellbeing. Look for a design face-lift of the site soon.

This month we continue our extensive hi-res-format reviews with 35 reviews of multichannel DVD-As, multichannel and stereo SACDs, xrcd2s, and DTS DVDs. Components covered are the new Sunfire Theater Grand III AV Processor, Smart Devices GC-120 AC Line Purifier, Clark Synthesis Silver Tactile Sound Transducer, and CARA Test CD. Our in-depth coverage of all types of optical discs comes to 110 reviews for this issue- more than any other web audio publication! The Survey of the Print Audio and HT Press continues. And you have the opportunity to share your thoughts and questions with other audiophiles via our association with the High End Audio Resource:

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STAFF WRITERS: Dalia Geffen, Tom Gibbs, Calvin Harding Jr., Clay Swartz, Brian Bloom, Gary Lemco, Alex Morin, John Henry, Peter Bates, John Sunier.  And welcome this month to Laurence Vittes.             
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