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CES 2002 Photo Gallery
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At the January Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas you could see - and often hear - (starting clockwise from upper left:) gorgeous-looking new horn speakers that sound less horn-y than I've heard before; the winner of the world's ugliest boombox competition; look at lovely blue caps inside beautiful & expensive basic amps; hear Sony's President extol the successes of SACD at a typical pre-show press conference; see a roomful of present and coming SACD players; and a wall full of present and coming multichannel SACDs; hear some live music courtesy of Acoustic Sounds (blues singer Myra Taylor); see lots of flat-screen video displays all over the convention center (Panasonic's here); hear another press blast from the CEO of XM satelllite radio; and view their listing of 100 channels of CD-quality programming - so large it had to be posted outdoors. (Center photos top to bottom:) The alien-looking O'Heocha Design speakers; teardrop car antenna for XM Radio; Sony's CD/MP3 auto player with tiny video logos displayed on the front. [Cont. on Page 2]