CES 2002 Photo Gallery page 2
(Captions - Left column top to bottom:)
The Arch of Triumph a la La Vegas; Halcro - a triumph of amplifier design from Australia (should be at $38K!); The Acapella hybrid-horn speakers - using horns only for the midrange and claiming to be the original horns of this design; dCs’ $18K pair of processors set the standard for upsampling of 44.1 CDs; a stack of the well-received U.K. components from Myryad; The famous Pipe Dreams line-array speakers with subwoofers.

(Captions - Right column top to bottom:)
ReVox complete home theater system with plasma screen, DVD player, receiver and matching surround speaker system; Toshiba’s prototype of the next generation in digital-optical disc technology - the blue laser; Red Rose Music’s two-part phono preamp for the analog-source crowd - smaller now but still very active at CES; Essence’ Denali speakers with granite sides and base and a total of ten Aurios isolation bearings under each section ($35k); (to right of Denali:) not a speaker as such but Gallo’s sampler of different finishes on their small spheres; at bottom is the acclaimed Kharma speaker from Holland - built like a tank and looking like part of the set for Dune.
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