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February 18, 2004

Sirius/DISH/Shack Satellite Alliance - RadioShack Corporation, EchoStar Communications (DISH Network), and Sirius Satellite Radio have formed a three-way satellite entertainment alliance. The 100 channels of CD-quality music and entertainment (60 without commercials) provided by Sirius will now be added to the DISH Network satellite TV service throughout the U.S., and Sirius satellite radio will be brought to the 7000 RadioShack stores where DISH Network is the exclusive satellite TV brand. The mobile and in-home receivers for Sirius will be sold in all RadioShack stores, and the DISH connection will generate significant additional subscribers to the Sirius service, which is $13 per month. The CEO of Echostar said the Sirius partnership will provide their retailers with a complementary sales tool to satellite TV. A number of automotive brands have announced a Sirius option for new models, and even recreational boats and motor homes are now being offered with factory-installed Sirius systems.

Second Annual Surround Music Awards - At a recent gala event in Beverly Hills the winners of the 2003 Surround Music Awards were named. The event is sponsored by Surround Pro Magazine and High Fidelity Review. The late Frank Zappa was given the Surround Pioneer Award and Led Zeppelin was named Surround Artist of the Year. The acclaimed SACD reissue of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon received all these awards: Best Multichannel Reissue, Best of Show, High Fidelity Review Listener’s Choice, and Best Additional Features. Telarc’s Hovhaness: Mysterious Mountains SACD got the Best Mix Orchestral award and the Hi-Res Music DVD-A version of Ray Brown’s Soular Energy was named Best Hi-Res Stereo-Only Program. The Best Made-for-Surround award went to Steely Dan’s Everything Must Go on Warner Bros. and Tipper’s spacy Surrounded DVD-A received a Best Menu Design Award. A special award went to the producers of the 45th Annual Grammy telecast, which was done in 5.1 surround.

Above-35Khz Audio Processor Introduced - A UK firm has announced their Discrete Analog Processor (DAP) which employs a radical concept. It is connected between the disc player (CD, DVD or SACD) and the preamp or integrated amp, and works on only those frequencies above 35Khz. Research at Whest Audio Ltd. showed that low level harmonics in that area tend to double up and become out of sync from one another, causing serious reflections to be thrown back into the audible frequency band. Improvements are said to be heard in resolution, dynamics, power and clarity - along with more soundstage realism and greater overall transparency. The DAP will retail for about $1700.

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