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[Presented in cooperation with L.A. AUDIO FILE. If you can't find any of these magazines at your local audio salon or newsstand, complete details will be found here in our Audio Bibliography.]

AUDIO MUSINGS = The latest issue is labeled 12 2000 but that doesn't mean they came out monthly. Like most of the smaller audio periodicals, the admit to the difficult getting issues out on time. They have one unique reason for their delays - most of the components they cover are reviewed by four or five of their staff in separate articles! Their journal is now large format with advertising, but still black and white. For their diverse opinions this issue the staff passed around among themselves: 47 Labs' Flatfish CD player and matching Transgression DAC, the Soliloquy 5.0 speakers, Monarchy's M70 Pro monoblock amps, the Audio Note Zero System, and Creek's OBH-12 Preamp and OBH-14 24/96K DAC. In the accessories area there are discussions of Echobusters, the Taddeo Digital Antidote Two, and Peter Belt's latest unbelievable tweak - the Coordinate "X" Red Pen.

HOME THEATER = for January reviews 18 hot products from Linn, Sony, Hafler, JBL and others. "Napster vs. Big Music" and "Buy the Right Center Channel Speaker" are two of the feature articles. Editor Maureen Jenson visits the Italian factory where Sèleco video projection systems are made. Components reviewed: Center-channel speakers: Phase Technology Teatro 6.5, NHT VS2.4, Acoustic Research AR4C; Linn Home Theater System, TAW HD-800 CRT front projector, Sony KV36XBR400 TV, Hafler VRM speaker system, TDK Internal CD-Rewritable Drive, Sunfire Theater Grand Processor II Pre/Pro, Perpetual Tech P-1A Digital Correction Engine and P-3A DAC, JBL Studio Series speaker system, Velodyne CT Series speaker system, Creative Labs NOMAD II MG MP3 player and jukebox, RTI TheaterTouch T2 Universal System Controller, Isco-Optic 340 16:9 Lens Attachment.

LISTENER = for Jan/Feb is a welcome change from all these large-format mags, in more than just physical size. The clever cover shows a standard CD on the highway just run over by a speeding sports car with the license plate: S-A-C-D. Editor Art Dudley reviews Sony's new $1200 C333ES SACD/CD changer. Naim's CD5 CD player and CD Recorders from both Onkyo and Marantz are reviewed. The recordings review section deals with a wide range of reissue material - Tom Lehrer, Sun Ra, The Band the Edison Cylinder Vocal Trials. Michael Fremer interviews Lehrer the math professor/song satirist. Other components covered: Spendor FL8 speakers, B&K Phono 10 preamp, Antique Audio Lab MG-S115DT amp, Second Rethm speakers.

STEREOPHILE GUIDE TO HOME THEATER = The January issue features SGHT's Products of the Year, with particular recognition going to a few deemed the Editor's Choice. A report from the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo 2000 is also featured. Equipment reviews include the Panasonic DMR E10 DVD-RAM recorder, Philips 55PP9701 HD-ready rear-projection television, Sony DVP-S9000ES DVD player, NAD T550 DVD player, Faroudja DVP-5000 digital video processor , Integra DTR-9.1 audio/video receiver, and NHT VT-3 Home Theater Reference surround speaker system. DVD reviews include: American Beauty: The Awards Edition; Men In Black (Exclusive Limited Edition); Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Ultimate Edition DVD; Galaxy Quest; This is Spinal Tap; North by Northwest; Elvis: '68 Comeback Special; Guys and Dolls; Magnolia; High Fidelity; and American Film Institute: The Directors. - RN (LA AUDIOFILE)

STEREOPHILE = It's the Product of the Year issue, with speakers, amplifiers, and other components recognized for making their mark for the past year. However, two products are singled out for leaving indelible impressions on the industry for years to come: The $73,750 Rockport Technologies System 3 Sirius turntable system, and the $5,000 Sony SCD 1 SACD Super Audio Compact Disc player. The former was the central topic of a Washington Post article on the staying power of the vinyl LP. The latter is the first of a new format of CD players that is receiving virtually universal praise for sound quality. It's all in the Holiday issue of Stereophile.- RN (LA AUDIOFILE)

WIDESCREEN REVIEW = The Jan/Feb issue has Tom Cruise ablaze on the cover for a feature on MI-2. Feature articles include Thx Digital Mastering, Reviews of three receivers with THX Surround EX, Restoring Bridge On the River Kwai, Carver's latest Sunfire Theater processor and amp, and Sony's 9000ES SACD and progressive scan DVD player. Perry Sun listens to and evaluates Jim Fosgate's new Dolby Surround Pro Logic II, finding it to be a substantial improvement over any other matrix-derived surround decoding approach. 69 DVDs are reviewed this issue. Other components: Denon AVR-5800 DTS-ES Discrete receiver, Onkyo TX-DS989 THX EX Surround receiver, B&K AVR-307 THX EX Surround receiver, Sony KP 65XBR10W widescreen TV, Toshiba CW34X92 widescreen TV.

WIDESCREEN REVIEW 2001 ULTIMATE DVD MOVIE GUIDE = is a first for the publication. The thick volume's second half is short reviews with all technical data on over 1700 widescreen DVDs. The first half consists of feature articles from the magazine and some especially written, such as a DVD Player Buyer's Guide. Other articles: Best Picture & Sound DVDs, DVD ROM Special Features, DVD FAQ Section, Widescreen Basics.

SOUND & VISION = January's cover has a scene from Blue Lagoon and the theme is Gear Paradise. It reviews three powerhouse receivers, four budget speaker systems, a Toshiba DVD player, TCA 36-inch digital TV, Go-Video DVD player/VCR combo, and Sharp's MiniDV Camcorder. The Sony 9000ES DVD/SACD player is also a cover story, the tips on taming a problem room are given in Home Theater Makeover. There is also a Quick Take on the Rockford Fosgate Dolby Pro Logic II decoder for the car, and articles on Japan's high-tech showcase and on making movies on your Mac.

SURROUND PROFESSIONAL = Some of the workers on the surround soundtrack of the new movie Vertical Limit are pictures on the front cover of the November issue, recently received. It explains how 8-channel surround sound takes audiences to the top of K2 and beyond. Tom Homan looks at stereo recording techniques using both the binaural dummy head and pan pots, there's a behind-the-glass feature on the mixing of Jimi Hendrix's Isle of Eight performance for 5.1 surround, and Wild Woods Audio Post shares their secrets for mixing TV programs in surround sound.

BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE = The January issue has Bocelli on the cover, asking if he could be the new Pavarotti. Please. 150 classical CDs are reviewed and rated. Some of the articles are: Viva Verdi!, Alfred Brendel at 70, Stravinsky the Performer, Choirs of the Year, How Come My Son's a Genius?. Helen Grimaud writes on Music That Changed Me, the Composer of the Month is Alfred Schnittke, and Discovering Music delves into Bach's Goldberg Variations. The "Music in the Media" bulletin that comes with this issue lists various music and dance videos that are in production or being planned, and has a thoughtful article titled MP# - Friend or Foe?

SCHWANN INSIDE = for January has Sir Simon Rattle (Britain's answer to Bernstein) and saxist Joe Lovano on the cover to illustrate an article titled Music Beyond Category. It's about the conductor's recent Classic Ellington recording. There are extended reviews of Debussy's La Mer, Bill Evans' The Last Waltz CD set, and overlooked Jazz Recordings from 2000.

INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW = The just-received December issue displays Bach on the cover for Bach - A Celebration. The new magazine's reviewers select their favorite CDs of 2000. Reviewed in the Audio section are: TAG McLaren's DVD, Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista integrated amp, KEF's three-piece speaker system, Chord Electronics hefty CPA 1800/SPM400 preamp & power amp, Tannoy Mercury mX4 speaker and Denon PMA-355UK integrated amp. George Cole also discusses DVD-Audio and its software and copyright issues.

JOURNAL OF THE AUDIO ENGINEERING SOCIETY = The November issue - again just received - presents papers on: Frequency-Warped Signal Processing, Gifted Listeners' Hearing Acuity (Hmmm....), Neural Network Training Algorithms, and Digital Signal Processor Aliasing. There's a report on the 109th Convention in LA last September.

- John Sunier

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