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STEREOPHILE GUIDE TO HOME THEATER = Big video screens, whether they be direct-view HDTV, Plasma to hang on the wall or an advance CRT front projector, are the main focus of the January 2002 issue. A story on the making of the video of the recent bomb Pearl Harbor is another feature. High-Definition Woes is one column and another deals with the loss of most of the HDTV transmissions in New York City following Sept. 11. The PCinema column continues with news about the interface of video and computers. The magazine's Editor's Choice Awards include the $6000-$11,000 Ayre D-1x DVD player and Lexicon's $9000-$10,000 MC-12 surround processor. Components reviewed: Zenith plasma monitor, Faroudja Native Rate Series Plus video processor, Madrigal Imaging MP-9 CRT projector, Snell & Wilcox G2 Interpolator Gold scaler, Krell Home Theater Standard 2 preamp-processor & Theater Amplifier Standard 5 channel amp, Infinity Interlude IL60 surround speaker system, Sony KV 40XBR700 Super Wega direct-view HDTV.

STEREOPHILE = The December issue just received has Boulder's digital preamp on the its cover and a feature titled "Up-and-Oversampling!" Linn's Kivor CD server is also featured, tied in with an interview with Linn's Ivor Tiefenbrun. The music section spotlights guitarist Ralph Towner of Oregon, and recordings from the Bang on a Can new music series. Django Lives! is the title of a feature on the new generation of Reinhardt-influenced guitarists. This is the much-prized by many audiophiles Best Components of 2001 Issue. Other equipment: Linn Kivor Oktal multichannel D/A processor, Dynaudio Evidence Temptation speakers, Kora Electronic Concept Cosmos monoblock amp, 47 Laboratory 4706 Gaincard power amp, VPI TNT V-HR turntable and JMW 12.5 tonearm, PS Audio Ultimate Outlet.

INNER EAR REPORT = Vol. 14 #1 has a cover story on JMlab's Cobolt Series 816 speakers. Other speakers evaluated include the Elac Jet, StudioLAB and Tannoy Dimension. Musical Fidelity's integrated amp is reviewed, along with Gutwire AC cables. Affordable gems from Angstrom speakers and Tenor Audio's superb OTL amps are other features. Editor Ernie Fisher observes the 15th anniversary of his publication with an editorial describing how Gordon Holt's original Stereophile was his model for IER. An article on Protecting Our Hearing is something one doesn't often find in audio publications.

HOME THEATER = "Plasma or Projection" is the cover feature for January, aiding in the choice of the right video display (if you can afford it, that is). An exclusive is claimed for their review of the new Sharp DLP projector and other video products on the cover include Runco's 61-inch plasma display and Madrigal's D-ILA front projector. Sony's new Superbit DVDs are reviewed - they use a higher sampling rate for the video data to achieve better resolution and detail in the image - but loose the extra space for any "extras" in the process. An article on PVR helps in choosing the right format for your needs. Basic of bass management are laid out in the Home Theater Boot Camp. Other equipment: Kenwood Sovereign VR 5700 AV receiver, Samsung DVD-N501 NUON DVD player, RBH Status Acoustics Mediette speakers.

HOME THEATER INTERIORS = for Nov.-Dec. Had 50 pages of Home Theater Ideas and several lavish, mouth-watering home installations. Lighting Design Made Easy and The Future of Touchpanel Control are the two cover stories. One of the home theaters - actually a couple of them - are installed in a mansion that is actually a giant log cabin.

AUDIO MUSINGS = Issue 14 2001 is the designation of this one, I would guess that means the 14th issue since the publication began. This equipment review journal has the unique slant of having more than just one of their contributors weigh in on each component reviewed, for a better cross-section of opinion that one gets from other publications. Items this issue: Antique Sound Labs AQ1001DT integrated tube amp, NAIM NAIT 5 integrated amp, KORA Explorer 90SI integrated, Blue Circle BC-21 preamp, PS Audio PS300 Power Plant, Audio Note 1.1 DAC, Dynaudio Audience 72 speakers, Final Labs Daruma 311 component isolation devices, Quantum's ElectroClear AC treatment device, Auric Illuminator CD spray, Monarchy sm70 amps.

LISTENER = The Jan./Feb. issue is being MonoLithic, with the mag's editors holding forth on The Greatest Mono Records of All Time. Among them: Toscanini's Pines & Fountains of Rome on RCA, the original mono Beatles' Sgt. Pepper LP, Billie Holiday's Strange Fruit on Commodore, Beethoven's Ninth conducted by Furtwangler on EMI, Bach's Goldberg Variations in the original Glenn Gould mono Columbia release. Keeping in the mono groove, the mono version of Lyra's Helikon MC cartridge is reviewed and (surprise!) found superior to the stereo version for playing mono LPs, and there is a history of Sam Philips and Sun Records. Components surveyed: Fidelity Research FR-1 cartridge, NAC C521 CD Player, Neat Vito speakers, Antique Sound Lab AV-8 amp, Rega Jupiter CD player, Spendor SUB 3 sub. The recent VSAC 2001 tube freaks/DIY show in Silverdale, WA is also reported on.

AUDIO XPRESS = Cover features on the front of the January 2002 issue are: Why Electronic Components Fail, Riviving Open-Back Speaker Design, The Little Amp That Could - Push-Pull & SE, Build a Bargain Speaker, Final Assembly for Super Computer Sound, Give These TV Tubes a Try, plus reviews of Adire Audio's speaker, LP-to-CD Transfer using Wave Repair software, and the Scan-Speak driver.

THE BAS SPEAKER = This just-received issue, without an illustrated front cover, is described as the first issue of Volume 24. The publication from the Boston Audio Society reports on meetings of the very active 29-year-old organization with many audio industry members, but also features a forum of letters and emails from members, a commentary section, and reviews/articles - namely: AR-3a Resurrected, Phono Stage Trials 2, and I Like My ReplayTV. One meeting report is of great interest to me at the moment - it's on Antennas for DTV and is illustrated with many photos of installations.

INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW = Classic Brahms from Hilary Hahn is the cover photo and story, and by the former the young violinist looks pretty classic herself. A survey of Beethoven's Ninth on record is a special feature - very appropriate since the maximum length of CDs was dictated by the President of Sony insisting that it be sufficient to contain all of the Ninth on a single disc. The author's favs?: Gunther Wand and the NGR Sym., Karl Bohm and the VPO, Christopher Hogwood for period instruments,and Barenboim for emotion. The News section reveals that Olympia will be presenting all the symphony works of Russian composer Nikolai Miaskovsky on 17 CDs, and RCA Red Seal is becoming more active with a number of new artists, a world premiere recording by Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony, and a series of deluxe-edition reissues celebrating The Red Seal Century.

BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE = The January has Angela Gheorghiu on the cover and a highly positive article on her voice, looks, and career. CD Crisis? Has industry insiders "revealing the truth." Other cover stories include composer John Adams, called America's First Composer, Opera on TV, The King's College Choir of Cambridge, and the monthly Building a Library section considers Purcell's opera Dido and Aeneas. "Conscientious Objectors and general slackers" deals with the anti-WWII stance of composer Michael Tippett. The recent demise of the Nimbus label also gets an article.

JOURNAL OF THE AUDIO ENGINEERING SOCIETY = The November issue, Vol. 49 No. 11, has papers on Multitone Testing, Plucked String Synthesis, and Simplified Wavetable Matching. The Standards section concerns a revision of standards on Polarity, and there is a report of the 20th Conference, held in Budapest.

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