Weekly AUDIO NEWS for August 27, 2003

High-Def Listening Forgotten in High-Def Viewing Rush - In the premiere issue of his new quarterly HDTV ETC., Editor Clint Walker decries the shift he has seen in the importance placed on audio over video in home theater. He finds a trend to be the purchase of a $6000-$20,000 video display matched with a HTIB (home theater in a box) for under $1000. He says the result is then only an average visual experience and a pathetic HT experience overall. He pegs as causes the inferior but handier audio format of MP3, plus the trend to expect more of our video while accepting less of our audio in trade. Concluding his article on High Definition Listening, Walker says “Accept nothing less than a High Definition listening experience along with your Hi-Def visual experience...” We certainly second that!

Tech Guide to Creation of Music in 5.1 Channels - Dolby Laboratories has a new free pdf download at their site titled “Dolby 5.1-Channel Music Production Guidelines.” The publication covers a wide range of topics designed for those who produce music for any sort of 5.1 channel delivery to consumers, and Dolby will update the guide regularly as new and better techniques for surround music mixes evolve. The document is at

Heathrow Hi-Fi Show in London Next Month - The important international AV show is set for September 27 & 28 at the Le Meridien & Renaissance Hotels, Heathrow International Airport, London. (The 26th is open only to trade and press.) The Hi-Fi Show & Av Expo 2003 exhibits not only components from the UK and U.S. but also from all over the world, including Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. Over 200 brands will be shown by over 75 exhibitors. There will also be demonstrations, lectures and open forums on such subjects as A Viewpoint on Multichannel, DVD-A or SACD - The Choice is Yours, and Evolving Your Two-Channel System to Multichannel. For more info:

115th AES Convention in October - The Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City will again be the headquarters for the next convention of the Audio Engineering Society. The theme is The Power of Sound. The comprehensive showcase of audio technology will have a new series of Exhibitor and Tutorial Seminars featuring demonstrations, lectures and seminars on operating the audio gear. An interactive workshops program will span the spectrum of audio technology, covering digital audio workstations, DVD authoring, Surround Mixing, Studio design, and more. The technical paper presentations will include Low Bit-Rate Coding, Watermarking, Signal Processing, and Psychoacoustics. The dates are Oct. 10th thru 13th. For more info:

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