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STEREOPHILE = The 'Phile loves Martin Logan's Prodigy speakers which adorn the cover of this month's issue. The reviewer reveals that they reaffirmed his passion for electrostatics and could turn anti-electrostatic buffs into supporters. Other speakers from Audio Physic and B&W are reviewed, plus beautiful and costly amps from Chord and Balanced Audio Technology. The electrostatic kick continues with an in-depth review of the latest in the Stax headphone line, the SR-007 Omega II. Car audio from Mark Levinson for Lexus and CDs from saxist Joe Lovano also grace the cover. Other components covered inside: Grand Prix Monaco Amp Isolation System, Convergent Audio Tech SL-1 Ultimate preamp, Toshiba SD-9200 DVD-Audio player.

SURROUND PROFESSIONAL = The May-June issue (just received) has expanded the bi-monthly's subtitle to The Surround and High-Resolution Audio Authority. And one of the cover stories is on Overcoming the Challenges of High-Res/Surround Mastering. Future articles will cover two-channel high-res equipment, software and production techniques. Tom Holman examines both sides of the debate about whether the surround experience should be from the listener sitting in the band or in the best seat in the house. In the Film section is a feature on the use of unique sound libraries that were used to bring the film Pearl Harbor to life. The Tascam MX-2424 96K recorder-editor is reviewed and there's a report on the recent AES convention in Amsterdam.

STEREOPHILE GUIDE TO HOME THEATER = The July/August issue cover sports Musical Fidelity's HTP600 preamp-processor and HT600 power amp in a "Audio/Video Combo Meal." Dueling Remotes and HDTV Tuners is another feature, plus in-depth reviews of Silicon Graphics iScan line doubler, Pioneer's DV-38A Elite DVD-A & V player, Philips SACD/DVD V/CD-R player, the Edge surround speaker system and the Theta Digital Casablanca II preamp-processor. A major story on Harman International's speaker expert Floyd Toole is titled "Toole of the Trade," and there are over 80 DVD reviews this issue.

HI-FI NEWS = The July issue displays "Flower Power" in the new part ribbon mini-monitor speakers from Mark Levinson's latest company, Red Rose. More Power for Less tests six integrated amps selling for under £500. Other cover-alerted reviews are the Iomega HipZip MP3 player and AVI's new Pro Nine mini-monitor. The record review section covers a new Vaughan Williams London Symphony, jazz from Bailey to Armstrong and new audiophile goodies in rock. Other components: NHT SuperOne speaker, Nordost Valhalla cables, Loth-X Ion BS1 speaker, Conrad-Johnson PV10B preamp.

AUDIO XPRESS =The monthly bringing together the former Audio Electronics, Glass Audio and Speaker Builder magazines features articles in its July issue on Making Accurate Driver Measurements, Building a Horn with No High-End Droop, Building a Compressor for Home Recordings, Building an East Precise Preamp, Building a Constant-Current Regulator, Building a Two-Stage Tube Amp, and Designing Crossovers with a Virtual One. (As you can see this is definitely a DYI publication!) There are also reviews of consumer gear, including the Kora Explorer Tube/Mosfet Integrated Amp and Mixers from Behringer.

WIDESCREEN REVIEW = The three actors from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon grace the July issue's cover. The 70 DVD reviews includes the new digitally-remastered re-issue of Close Encounters. Part 3 of a series on Room Acoustics discusses minimizing acoustic distortion in home theaters. There's also a Status Report on HDTV, plus Digital Cinema in the theaters - The Future of Movies. Equipment reviews cover both the Classe SSP-75/CAV-500 High-End Controller and Amp System, and the Classe SSP-30/CAV-75 Entry Level Controller and Amp System, plus Sony's SCD C555ES Multichannel SACD Changer, and the RCA P61310 HDTV.

THE SENSIBLE SOUND = Their combination June/July issue offers A Different Angle on Stereo Imaging - a long exploration of Gary Eickmeier's speaker setup concept, which uses speakers with a great deal of reflected sound (Bose 901s) and using the reflected output to form the frontal image. He positions the speakers on the basis of their imaging rather than on their frequency response. Reviewed this issue: Tjoeb '99 tube CD player, Dunlavy SM-1 speaker, SV Subwoofers 20-39cs, Shure M97xE phono cartridge, Outlaw Audio 1050 receiver, Onkyo DV-S939 DVD player and TX DS787 receiver.

BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE = Hot new composer Thomas Adès is on the July issue cover and according to the blurb he "breaks his silence in this exclusive interview." (Way to go! We can make classical music as exciting as rock with a bit of effort, say what?) Composer of the Month is Gerald Finzi. A Century of Jazz covers some of the leading artists, the styles, the history and of course the recordings - of which there's loads more available now then ever before in history. Composer at War documents composer Vaughan Williams battles with the BBC. The complete CD included with this issue (as with each issue) is a lovely recital program from new artists, including a luminous Debussy string quartet and a skilled Bach Partita No. 1 for violin solo.

INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW = has conductor Mark Elder on the June issue cover to tie in with his new recording of Holst's The Planets, which is the first to be "completed" by adding a new movement for the planet Pluto. The idea was originally conductor Kent Nagano's and the commissioned composer said he resisted for some time creating a work in the style of Holst but finally couldn't avoid doing it. The Transcendental Etudes of Liszt are survey in their many recorded versions, and some of the latest music DVDs are reviewed, including Philip Glass' Satyagraha on Arthaus Musik.

JOURNAL OF THE AUDIO ENGINEERING SOCIETY = The May journal, recently received, begins with a paper on Binaural Localization Head Comparisons. Other papers published: Digital Transducer Array Loudspeakers, Musical Tone Analysis and Synthesis, Spatial Sound Reproduction Assessment. A report on the l9th Conference and the usual news about the various AES sections around the world complete the issue.

- John Sunier

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