Weekly AUDIO NEWS for June 18, 2003

Rap & Rock Rule Music World - The RIAA’s year-end survey for 2002 showed both rock and rap music greatly increasing their shares of CDs sold to make nearly 25% for the former and 14% for the latter. The category known as Urban Sound - rap and hip-hop combined with rhythm & blues - outdid even rock as the industry’s biggest seller. But sales in general fell below $13 billion for the first time in six years and are down 8% so far this year.

California Bill Forcing Record Companies To Be Honest - A new bill from Senator Kevin Murray has passed the California Senate and now goes to the Assembly. It gives musical artists the assurance that record companies must accurately report royalties to performers or face penalties.

Historic Surround Reissue from Mobile Fidelity - The resurrected Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab is preparing some of the historic Vox quad recordings by Marc Aubort for release as multichannel Ultradisc UHR SACDs. The first will be Stanislaw Skrowaczewski conducting the Minnesota Orchestra in Ravel’s Bolero and other works including the Daphnis & Chloe Suite. The four-channel masters have never been properly heard before due to faults of the QS matrix quad process that was used for LPs. Even when played in stereo the soundstage from the LP was clustered between the speakers and thin-sounding. August 26 is the scheduled release date for the first SACD.

24/192K Stereo Reissues from Classic Records - Classic Records, together with Muse Electronics, is preparing a continuing series of 24/192K stereo DVD-Audio reissues which will also have a DD 2.0 track so that they can be played on any DVD video player. The announcement comes on the Fifth Anniversary of their introduction of the 24/96K DAD alternative and conforms to the new DVD-A standard while offering double the sampling rate plus more compatibility. Vanguard’s familiar “Songs of the Auvergne” with Natalia Davrath will be the first title, followed by albums from Peter Townshend, Procol Harum and others.

Introducing Drive-In DVD Sound! - Elite Entertainment proudly presents the Drive-In Discs Collection - a set of three DVDs with double-feature B movies on each (The Giant Leeches, The Screaming Skull, etc.) - plus the latest in low-fidelity technology: Distorto! A secondary audio track recreates the complete Drive-In experience, delivering the film’s mono soundtrack to your front left speaker only, while the other speakers carry other drive-in sounds to make you feel like you’re really there behind the steamy windshield on a warm summer night. August 5th is the release date.

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