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STEREOPHILE GUIDE TO HOME THEATER = A big feature of the June issue is a Digital TV Primer - everything you need to know to get started in DTV. Defining Visions talks about how the present administration has lost interest in pushing DTV,and Cinessentials reviews what it calls The Mother of All Sci-Fi Movies - Metropolis. Complete equipment reports include: Philips 34PW9818 HD-ready direct-view monitor, InFocus Screenplay 7200 DLP projector, Toshiba a 34HDX82 direct-view HDTV, Hitachi Ultravision 65XWX20B RP CRT HDTV, Fujitsu Plasmavision SlimScreen Hi-Def P50XHA10U, Piega P5 LTD surround speaker system.

STEREOPHILE GUIDE TO HOME THEATER = The new July issue has the Mark Levinson/Madrigal Audio No. 40 AV Preamp-Processor on the cover, calling it State of the Art. An exclusive feature on a new plasma screen from V Inc. shares with an article titled “Stereo Home Theater: Will It Work for You?” which is basically another two-channel vs. surround debate between Steve Guttenberg and Thomas Norton, only this time based in the HT world. In his article, Russ Herschelmann says corner subs are a bad idea. Other reviewed equipment: Polk LSi9 surround speaker system, NEC HT1000 DLP projector, Audio Refinement Pre-2DSP & Multi-5 preamp processor & multichannel power amp, Outlaw 950 & 770 preamp-processor & 7-channel power amp, Meridian 568.2MM & 598DP preamp-processor & DVD-Audio player.

THE ABSOLUTE SOUND = The June/July issue has Musical Fidelity’s Tri Vista 300 integrated amp with separate power supply (so how is it integrated?) on the front cover, along with a feature on Audio Research’s Affordable Tube Electronics, Tuner Survey & Tips, Over 50 new music reviews, HP on the Dark Side of the Moon SACD, and this is also the bi monthly’s annual Recommended Systems issue. Another 30th Anniversary feature is a 1978 reprint of HP’s review of the QRS-1D speaker, which used mid/tweeter panels from Infinity and bass unit from Magnepan. Other components covered: Well-Tempered Lab arm & turntable, Philips DVD 962A DVD/SACD player, Genelec S30D Active Loudspeaker, Parasound Halo JC1 mono amp, Plinius SA-102 power amp.

THE PERFECT VISION = for May/June has “3 Terrific HDTVs” on the cover; inside are reviews of the Sony PF46WT500 HD-ready tabletop RPTV and Toshiba’s 57HDX82 RP HDTV, but diligent searching failed to turn up the third HDTV. Perhaps it was so terrific somebody made off with it before it could be reviewed... There is a review of the January CES in Las Vegas and Wayne Garcia reviews two entry-level HT systems. Other components: Velodyne Deco Home Theater speaker system, Arcam AV8 Controller and P7 power amp, Silicon Image iScan ultra video processor, Classe Audio SSP-60 AV Controller and CAV-180 amp.

HI-FI NEWS = The June issue features on the cover “Power Packed!,” including a high-end UK power amp from ECS, next-generation digital power from Tact, and full lab test of Krell’s FPB 700CX amp. Fab Audio Model One - the high-efficiency high end speaker from Toronto is another cover feature, plus Clearlight’s Recovery Basic turntable, Meridian 800 Series 3 DVD Player, Naim NAC 552 preamp, 100 best buys rated, hi-res reviews, and an interview with Jon Kirchner of DTS on exactly why it (usually) sounds better than Dolby Digital. Barry Fox reports that a DVD-A hybrid disc is in doubt. Other hardware covered include: TAG McLaren DVD32FLR DVD transport, Disco Antistat LP Cleaner, Copland CDA22 CD Player, Wharfdale Pacific Evolution EVO-10 speaker, AVI Lab Series integrated amp, Mirage OM-200 subwoofer, PMC 5.1 speakers.

HI-FI NEWS = The July issue has the Grande Utopia JM lab tower speakers from France on the cover. Digital Radio is another cover story, with DAB tuners from Pure, Cambridge, Ministry of Sound and Acoustic Solutions - of interest mainly if you reside in the UK. Gayle Sanders of MartinLogan is interviewed and other cover features are a review of the Bluenote turntable from Italy and Jadis all-valve pre-amp & power amp from France. Other components this month: Tannoy Sensys DC2 speakers, Creek CD50 CD Player, Linn Akiva cartridge, Unison Research Unico valve CD player, AVI Pro-Nine Plus speakers, Musical Fidelity A308CR CD player, Lexicon MC-8 AV processor/controller and Karan KA S450 stereo power amp.

STEREOPHILE = The June issue finally modifies the publication’s strong two channel stance by introducing a new quarterly column titled Music in the Round, on the world of multichannel music. Kalman Rubinson discusses a number of multichannel hi-res discs, but aside from Dark Side of the Moon, there are no other hi-res reviews in this issue. The cover photo and story is the Perreaux R200I basic amp from New Zealand. Also speakers from Audes, Earthworks, Triangle & Calix; the Linn Klimax Amp/Preamp combo; AudioQuest cables; and Phono cartridges from Audio Tekne, Lyra & Transfiguration. Producer/singer-songwriter/pedal steel guitarist Daniel Lanois’s new solo project is profiled. Other hardware reviewed this issue: Equi=Tech 2Q & Q650 Balanced Power Systems; Monster Power AVS 2000 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer.

SOUND & VISION = The June book cover headlines Great Gear! Included are All-In-One Home Theater systems from Yamaha, Denon, Panasonic & Sharp; Sexy DVD systems for every budget; a first look at Zenith’s HDTV Hard Drive Recorder; reviews of Toshiba’s 57-inch HDTV, Sherwood’s DVD Player, Infinity’s Alpha speaker system, and receivers from Harman Kardon, JVC and Onkyo. And yet again Pink Floyd’s DSOTM. Another story on “HDTV - What’s On & Where to Get It” is featured. Other items: Musica NS-MU4601 multiroom audio system, Philips iPronto wireless home control panel.

SOUND & VISION = for July/August sports a Trinity-looking model holding the world’s first HDTV camcorder, from JVC. Also Philips 60-inch RP HDTV monitor, Definitive Technology BP7001sc speakers, TiVo Series2PVR, Panasonic MR-E50 DVD recorder, and Denon AVR-2803 receiver. Hitachi’s VCR combo and a universal player from Integra share with articles on Moving Your Music Outdoors and 3 Critics Rating Satellite Radio Programming (for the most part they love it). Other reviews: Pioneer Elite ES-DV1000 home theater system, Harmony SST-768 Web-savy remote control, DCM 16S home theater speaker system.

WIDESCREEN REVIEW = The June issue cover has a background of images from Tears of the Sun and over 40 other DVDs and D-VHS tapes are reviewed. Hi-Def D-VHS D-Theater gets another exclusive report, focusing on JVC’s HM-DH40000HD VCR with DTS & Pro-HD. And article on Future Display Technology Options discusses alternatives to the CRT, and some of the products in review mentioned on the cover are the Yamaha DPX-1000 DLP projector and TAG McLaren DVD32FLR DVD Player with DVI Output. Also reviewed inside is the James Loudspeaker EMB-1000 subwoofer, and the Insider Industry section is titled Disney to Embrace HD.

HOME THEATER = The bright red cover of the June issue displays the SIM2 RTX RPTV. The magazine reviews the 3 best HD set-top boxes, an inexpensive DVD/VCR HTIB, 15 new products to motorize your home theater, the Classe Pre-Pro & matching Amp, a Harman Kardon Receiver, and the Editors rate four different surround sound speaker systems: M&K Zenon LCR-25, Morel Spiro, NHT SB-2 and PSB Alpha B. The Cheap Thrills column also discusses Sonicblue’s latest Rio. The Convergence section covers Windows XP Media Center Edition for PCs.

DVD ETC. = is a new publication proclaiming itself a guide to all things DVD. The initial June issue rates the 100 Top DVDs of All Time and the cover displays Toshiba’s portable DVD player and the Sunfire Ultimate Receiver. The Art of the DVD is a special feature on a studio creating the extras found on many DVDs, and Director’s Cut focuses on director Robert Wise (original Body Snatchers). There is a buyer’s guide to Universal DVD players, DVD-A and SACD. Hardware reviews also include players from Philips, Thule and NAD; Toshiba’s 20-inch TV/DVD console, Canton Movie MXII speakers, Anthem’s Pre/Pro, Panamax AC Regenerator, Denon Receiver, Outlaw Pre-Pro & matching Amp, and Salamander AV cabinets.

AUDIO XPRESS = for June features the usual compendium of DIY projects for those audio buffs unafraid of the soldering iron and electronic parts store: A Perfect Class A Amp Companion for Your Phones, Floor-Standing Beauties For Full Ranges, A Tube Amp for All Seasons, Amp Mods for the Forte 1a, Build These Simple Satellites!, T/S Measurements at Your Fingertips, A Tube Preamp for the Studio, and another for Computer Soundcards.

THE INNER EAR REPORT = is #2 of 2003, but just arrived recently from that country north of here. One cover is XLO’s thick Limited Edition Speaker Cable. Other cover features are: CD players - Audio Aero Capitole, Copland CDA822 and Musical Fidelity A3.2; Speakers - Living Voice Avatar OBX, Coincident Technology Total Victory; Also the Orpheus DAC ONE from Switzerland, Interconnects from Maple Audio Works, Pioneer Elite’s Lifestyle Home Theater System, and again the Naim Audio NAC 552 Preamp.

AUDIO IDEAS GUIDE = Vol. 21 of the Canadian high end AV quarterly is just out and it's their annual Directory Issue. The detailed specs and prices of over 4000 components is similar to the annual directory that AUDIO magazine formerly did, but better organized. In-depth reviews of Aragon's Stage One 8-channel AV Processor and 3005 power amp, Anthem's TLP 1 tuner/preamp and PVA 2 power amp, NAD's T752 home theater receiver, and TEAC's Legacy DR-L700 tuner/processor and AL700P three-channel amp are fitted in around the massive Directory.

THE SENSIBLE SOUND = On the April/May cover: CES Show Report and Recommended Recordings Issue, Polk LSi25 speakers, Panasonic DVD AV32 DVD player. The Skeptimania column asks: Are Speaker Response Curves Misleading?

BOUND FOR SOUND = Issue #149 of the sans-advertising newsletter opens with Martin DeWulf holding forth on The Truth Behind Reissues. He rates in sonic quality the many versions on both LP and CD of classic recordings such as Tea for the Tillerman and Dark Side of the Moon. Reviews include the tweaked Belles 350A amp, Ray Samuels XR-2 outboard phono section, Blue Circle Music Purse preamp and Pumps power amps (mini-electronics in a purse and a pair of ladies' shoes respectively!), John Curl's Parasound Halo JC 1 monoblock power amp, Machina Dynamica Promethean Base, Tekna Sonic Dampers and HSU VTF-2 subwoofer.

THE BAS SPEAKER = This is the fourth issue of Vol. 24 of the bare-bones but full of useful information publication from the hoary but very active Boston Audio Society. There are the usual Open Forum, Commentary and News sections, and special features this issue include Producing Digital Video Essentials (by Joe Kane), Genesis of Human Speakers, About the So- Called ‘floor bounce’ (fascinating!), and reviews of three speakers: the MartinLogan CLS-11 electrostatic, KEF ThreeTwo, and Quad ESL-989 electrostatic. Complete reports of three of the group’s more interesting meetings during the past year round out the issue.

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