Weekly AUDIO NEWS for March 5, 2003

Jazz Grammy Winners - Best Contemporary Jazz Album  - Speaking Of Now by Pat Metheny Group (Verve)

Best Jazz Vocal Album -  Live In Paris by Diana Krall

Best Jazz Instrumental Solo -  My Ship from Directions In Music by Herbie Hancock

Best Jazz Instrumental Album  - Directions In Music by Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker & Roy Hargrove

Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album -  What Goes Around by Dave Holland Big Band (ECM)

Best Latin Jazz Album -  The Gathering by Caribbean Jazz Project

Australian Counterpart of RIAA Disagrees on CD Sales Slump - The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) has listed what it feels are the main reasons for the decrease in CD sales whined about by the major labels and the RIAA in the U.S.: 1) Economic conditions, 2) Competition for consumer entertainment dollars, 3) Video & DVD sales, 4) Rising CD prices in America, 5) Decline in new releases and new artists, 6) Failure to provide viable alternatives to Napster and Kazaa.

They went on to report that new digital delivery systems should be used to solidify users accessing new music - similar to the ways CD replaced LPs and cassettes. They feel digital downloading should have revitalized the music industry. Details Here.


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