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March 3, 2004

New SACD Releases - The San Francisco Symphony has just released the latest in its acclaimed Mahler Symphony multichannel SACD series on its own label, with Michael Tilson Thomas: The Fourth. Capitol Records has issued a double-disc multichannel SACD of George Harrison’s Live in Japan album. The soundtrack to Titanic has found its way to SACD on Sony Classical; it’s multichannel and hybrid. Universal Music has announced the release of five new Steely Dan SACDs (see our review of “Gaucho” this issue). Telarc announced that they will release 22 more PentaTone multichannel SACDs in the U.S., during this year.

Hi-Def Home Software Suite Introduced - Ucentric Systems brought out their Whole Home High Definition Digital Software Suite of products at the recent CES in Las Vegas. The company works with manufacturers and service providers to create connected home products. Their ATSC off-air HDTV unit allows consumers to record, pause, instant replay and rewind broadcast television with HD quality using an ATSC tuner in their media centers. An HD photo application is able to download digital photos or access photos on PCs and then watch them on a set in HD quality resolution. A simple user graphical interface manages the gear to combine HD content with state of the art networked home media. The idea is to make it easy for users to control and manage both their video and music throughout the house.

Wi-Fi Uber Alles - The Chief Technology Officer of Intel’s Communications Group was recently interviewed by Electronic News. Among his points: The next decade will be defined by broadband wireless high-speed access to information, entertainment and data anywhere. Broadband wireless will proliferate and there will be different clients - some based on voice use that also do data while others based on entertainment but will also do voice. Wi-Fi (Airport for Mac users) will be in everything - about every four seconds another public access point is set up for Wi-Fi.

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