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Audio & Home Theater Show This Weekend - The annual Stereophile Audio & Home Theater Show takes place in New York City this weekend , May 11 through 13th. Both of the new high-res. audio formats will make a strong showing.

Legal Battles Over Copyright Protection Continue - The Motion Picture Association has launched a lawsuit against a hacker's web magazine which has published the code known as DCSS, which allows breaking into the "digital strongbox" that protects DVDs from being copied. The movie studios want to avoid being "Napsterized" and vow to take this to the Supreme Court if need be. The magazine's publisher Eric Corley feels it is a freedom of speech matter. But controls may be on the increase due to the fact that an increasing part of U.S. economic growth is in the area of copyrighting.

Another View on Downloadable Music - Veteran classical violinist Aaron Rosand shares his thoughts on music on the Internet at Briefly, he talks about his own website where he has offered single tracks of some of his CDs for free and now sells some complete CDs as well. He supports downloadable music on the web if the decision as to whether the material will be free or for sale is left to the individual artists involved. He therefore approves of sites such as and but not of Rosand feels that offering a taste of free classical music on the web to those who would not otherwise be exposed to it can only be a good thing. He draws an interesting parallel to the Petrillo/AFofM strike in the 1940s which occurred because radio stations had begun to depend on recorded music and were laying off live musicians. A compromise was reached in l948 with establishment of the Music Performance Trust Fund.

- John Sunier

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