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Weekly AUDIO NEWS for May 15, 2002

CES 2003 Dates Set - The International Consumer Electronics Show has announced that the 2003 event has been scheduled for January 9 thru 12 in Las Vegas. Exhibits will be held again at the Alexis Park Hotel, Las Vegas Convention Center and Las Vegas Hilton. Over 100,000 attendees are expected.

New DAC Chips Oriented to DVD-Audio - Cirrus Logic has announced two DACs aimed at offering the highest performance in mainstream consumer electronic software. The higher-end chip features 24bit resolution and supports 192K sampling rates, providing 109 dB dynamic range and 100 dB THD+N.

New Extra-Secure DVD Package Intro - Nexpak has introduced the next generation in DVD packaging with an eye to reducing in-store theft. Interlocking walls on all sides and a special disc-lock tab keep the discs in place securely - preventing slipping them out of the bottom or sides of the case, as has happened with present cases. Well, let's hope this doesn't make the new video DVD cases as difficult to get open as most present DVD-Audio cases are!

Showtime Offers 5.1 Dolby Digital - Showtime Networks, the first to offer DD 5.1 surround on its HDTV signals, has now brought the technology to all of their standard definition channels in all time zones. A total of 32 channels with Dolby Digital 5.1 are now being offered. This year close to 150 movies and 88 series episodes will carry 5.1 digital surround. Among them is the new sci-fi series Odyssey 5, which is also the first series shot in true HDTV resolution. According to Dolby Labs, more than 10 million homes now have set-top boxes capable of outputting 5.1 digital via satellite or digital cable.

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