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[Presented in cooperation with L.A. AUDIO FILE. If you can't find any of these magazines at your local audio salon or newsstand, complete details will be found here in our Audio Bibliography.]

SOUND & VISION = Five components are reviewed in what are all claimed to be exclusives: The new really-universal Pioneer Elite DV-47A SACD/DVD-A & V Player, the largest direct-view HDTV set - Loewe's 38 inch Aconda, Klipsch Reference Series HT speakers, Yamaha's DVD-S520 DVD player and Sherwood's Newcastle R-963 digital surround receiver. Also reviewed is the Jamo A4120PDD HT speaker system, Microsoft's Xbox - providing surround sound for gamers, and JVC's D-VHS digital VCR - the HM-DH30000. Ken Pohlmann writes about overcoming his lack of interest in the center rear surround channel, and the new hi-speed USB option and solutions for high-def DVDs are also discussed.


THE INNER EAR REPORT = The "magazine worth listening to" was just received but is only designated as Vol. 14, #3. The Integra DTR 8.2 AV Receiver, YBA Integre Passion integrated amp, both Halo MG SPM 8 and Scarlet Audio Pearl monoblock amps, Polk Audio Lsi 15 speakers, Audio Aero Prima 24/192 DAC and Opera Audio Consonance Reference 6.6 integrated amp are reviewed this issue. "Deciphering the Software Format" is Part 1 of a discussion of SACD and DVD-Audio by Paul DiComo. A report on CES 2002 and Part 2 of a series on turntables are other features.

STEREOPHILE GUIDE TO HOME THEATER = for May reports on the all the hottest new gear seen and heard at CES 2002. A Dynamic Duo is what they dub Anthem's new AVM 20 & PVA 7 surround preamp-processor /tuner plus seven-channel power amp. Other equipment reports are on Zenith's DTV 1080 HD/DirecTV receiver, Sony's DVP-MS900V multichannel SACD/DVD Video player, Pass X3 3-channel amp, Toshiba 50H81 HD-ready 16:9 RPTV and Sonus Faber Grand Piano HT speaker system. Michael Fremer reports on The FCC Press Conference That Never Happened, and while we covered Ken Burn's "Jazz" DVD boxed set long ago here in AUDIOPHILE AUDITION, Wes Phillips' well-researched and lengthy article on this massive survey of the history of jazz provides great reading.

HI-FI NEWS = seems to be getting ahead of the slick U.S. audio mags by sending their June issue already - that's a first for European publications. The cover proclaims "World beater" and that's referring to the Musical Fidelity CD-Pre24 player/preamp that graces the cover at an akimbo angle. Naim's launch in the high end home cinema arena is covered in their AV2 processor. The Philips DVD 962A player, which handles both DVD-V and SACD but not DVD-A, is another cover story and the mags' UK bias is upfront on the cover with the title "British and Best" covering reviews of the PMC MB2 speaker, Exposure 2010 Series CD player, integrated and power amp, the Meridian 588 CD player, and the Tannoy Eyris 3 speaker. Audiophile Vinyl covers a roundup of new vinyl releases, and globe trotting Ken Kessler reports on Korea's passion for vintage audio gear as well as NXT cardboard speakers. The publication's Hot 100 components are listed with a short paragraph on each. Other components are: Audio Note's Level Five System, Arcaydis AKS monitor speaker, Benz Micro Ace phono cartridge.

WIDESCREEN REVIEW = The May issue has Bruce Willis on the cover, tied in with a review of the DVD of Bandits. A lengthy exclusive report compares the image quality of the D-5 Studio Master tape of the submarine film U 571 to the Hi-Def D-VHS D-Theater consumer tape release, using WSR's JVC DLA-G 150CL D-ILA video projector. It was the first comparison between a professional high-def. video record/playback system and the first consumer-level high-def. Record/playback system. The general consensus was that the resolution, black levels, white levels, color saturation and shadow delineation of both were superb and very close. Pioneer's Elite DVR-7000 DVD-RW Recorder is reviewed, as well as Monster Cable's HTPS 7000 ReferenceSource AC treatment box. The Denon AVR-4802 AV Receiver and Outlaw Audio's ICBM-1 Bass Management unit are also reviewed.

AUDIO XPRESS = The Thor DIY speaker is on the cover of the May issue. Billed as the world's first scientifically-designed transmission line speaker, it grew out of new drivers designed by SEAS following Joseph D'Appolito's configuration of center tweeter flanked by woofers above and below. The GW Labs upsampling DAC that AUDIOPHILE AUDITION reviewed last month is reviewed here by Gary Galo. Audio construction articles include: Borbely All-FET line amp, a moving coil setup box, a Circlotron amp, Updates to McIntosh, and an infinite box subwoofer. The late Henry Kloss is honored with a personal tribute to this audio legend.

THE BAS SPEAKER = The recently-received second part of Vol. 24 from the Boston Audio Society boasts many interesting news bits and discussion in addition to detailed reports on three of their meetings in 2001. The newsletter has no illustrations or advertising. Speaking to the most active audiophile organization in the U.S. were Joel Rosenblatt of Atlantic Technology , Christopher Field of EOSS speakers and Robert Berkovitz of Sensimetrics. Among the many commentaries are items on antennas, rubber belts for open reel decks, HDTV, pianist Leon Fleisher's return to two-handed performing, artifacts created by digital codecs, and web links for tinnitus sufferers. There is also a summary of the contents of several magazines similar to AUDIOPHILE AUDITION's own Survey.

BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE = Bryn Terfel stares out of the May issue front cover with an article titled King Bryn. The lieder and operatic baritone is described as ruling the opera stage today. Ten outrageous recorded performances are profiled in Going Over the Top, including Glenn Gould's Mozart Piano Sonata in C K330, Furtwangler's l942 Beethoven Ninth, and Chaliapin's shocking Madamina aria from Don Giovanni. The Composer of the Month is Claude Debussy and John Milson continues his survey of how an unlikely array of objects changed sonic history with a piece on the bagpipe. Another article ties in with Yo-Yo Ma's new Silk Road CD/SACD - complete with a map of the original Silk Road, and Toscanini in Trouble employs excerpts from the maestro's letters to reveal his anger and passion. 150 CDs are reviewed.

INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW = Sir Simon Rattle is on the cover of the May issue with a story on his landmark recording of Schoenberg's Gurrelieder. The essential recordings of conductor Günter Wand are remembered, and Norwegian Orchestral Music After Grieg is another feature. Contemporary Music on CD is another regular feature, and the mag's final page "Too Many Records" is an always interesting essay from one of their many reviewers. IRR seems to be in a reviewing race with BBC Music and this issue boasts 200 CD reviews.

JOURNAL OF THE AES = The April issue, just in, prints technical papers on Restoration and Enhancement of Solo Guitar Recordings Based on Sound Source Modeling, On the Quality of Hearing One's Own Voice, and Comparison of Different Impulse Response Measurement Techniques. There is an engineering report on the Variability in the Headphone-to-Ear-Canal Transfer Function which concludes that the variability is not sufficient to significantly influence perception.

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