Weekly AUDIO NEWS for May 21, 2003

Home Entertainment 2003 Show Next Month - The HE2003 Hi-Fi & Home Theater Event sponsored by Stereophile and associated publications will be held from June 5th thru June 8th at the Westin-St. Francis Hotel on Union Square in San Francisco. The first day is open to the press only and the other three to the public at $25 a day. Hours are 10 to 6 most days and there will be over 200 exhibitors plus ten free seminars. Over a dozen musical guests will also give live performances. Seminar topics will include: SACD, HDTV, Flat Panel TV, Surround Sound, and Ask the Editors.

Sound Preservation Symposium - “Sound Savings: Preserving Audio Collections” is the focus of a conference scheduled for July 24 thru 26 in Austin, Texas. Sponsored by several institutions involved in audio preservation, including the Library of Congress, the symposium will be held in the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center on the U. of Texas campus. Topics are to include many of the technical, procedural and practical issues in preserving and making available sound recordings. The Library of Congress collection includes more than 126 million items in all imaginable formats.

Gernsback Library Ceases Publication - Just prior to publishing their 95th anniversary edition of the combined Popular Electronics and Electronics Now magazines, Gernsback - a venerable institution in both electronics and sci-fi - is gone. Subscriptions are being taken up by Nuts and Volts magazine.

New Contact Mic/Surround Recording System - Wm. Hartmann, a physicist at Michigan State U., has developed a method of recording stringed instruments using two contact mics on each instrument in carefully chosen positions, recording the two outputs on two channels, and then reproducing them via special speakers with drivers on front and back. For a string quartet an eight-channel recorder feeds eight channels of amplification going to four special speakers placed in the same position as the musicians in the quartet. The result is said to be amazingly lifelike.

Complaints on DVD Navigation - Sharing a concern Audiophile Audition has addressed frequently, Frank Wells, editor of Surround Professional recently complained about “...the seemingly random choices made in menu structure and default settings for the various DVDs used for playback...If I have problems such as these, being technically inclined...what kind of problems will the consumer have?”

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