Updated 5/7/03

AUDIO IDEAS GUIDE = Vol. 21 of the Canadian high end AV quarterly is just out and it's their annual Directory Issue. The detailed specs and prices of over 4000 components is similar to the annual directory that AUDIO magazine formerly did, but better organized. In-depth reviews of Aragon's Stage One 8-channel AV Processor and 3005 power amp, Anthem's TLP 1 tuner/preamp and PVA 2 power amp, NAD's T752 home theater receiver, and TEAC's Legacy DR-L700 tuner/processor and AL700P three-channel amp are fitted in around the massive Directory.

THE ABSOLUTE SOUND = For April/May has Marantz’ new universal player sitting directly on top of a pair of NHT’s ST4 Speakers - which seems contrary to good audiophile practice but never mind. The speakers are described as “sweet sound & sweet value.” Hot stuff from CES 2003 is displayed and described, and HP tells us we can now all enjoy multichannel reproduction of music because it’s a very worthwhile improvement. (AUDIOPHILE AUDITION has been saying that for years now.) HP also now has an SACD Super List. The SACDs by The Police are reviewed, plus over 50 new discs of various sorts. Saxist David Murray is profiled. This 30th Anniversary Issue of TAS also reprints an early HP review of the Beveridge electrostatic speakers and lists 24 recommended speakers of today. Other component reviews are: EAR 864 tube preamp, Audio Research Reference phono preamp, clearaudio HarmonyMg cartridge, Ayre Acoustics CX-7 CD Player.

SOUND &VISION = The May issue frontal features: Home Theater Speaker Guide - 36 Complete Systems; Buyer Beware! - Getting Gear Online; Cutting-Edge TVs Explained; AM and FM Go Digital; Reviewed: Sexy Speakers from Klipsch, Mirage, Mission and Morel; Yamaha LCD Projector; NAD DVD/Receiver; TDK CD Recorder; HDTV Bargain! Mitsubishi 42” Widescreen. Editor Bob Ankosko writes on plasma video creeping into the public consciousness and David Ranada talks about Mis-managed Bass. There’s a photo of Jim Fosgate’s new $13,000 retro all-tube surround processor. Other gear reviewed: M&K Sound Designer Series speakers with column surrounds, Bravo D1 DVD Player with DVI output, from V Inc.

STEREOPHILE = for May 2003 has Musical Fidelity's Tri-Vista SACD player on its cover, along with: What's Hot at the 2003 CES, CD Players from Ayre and GamuT; Tube Amps from Conrad-Johnson and Audiopax; The Acutus Turntable from Avid; Ravi Coltrane on Record. Barry Willis writes on the achievements of hi-res multichannel audio but the difficult future it faces.There are follow-ups on the Graham Robin tonearm, Quad ESL-989 speaker and InnerSound Eros Mk III speaker. The Police's SACD Every Breath You Take is the Recording of the Month.

THE SENSIBLE SOUND = On the April/May cover: CES Show Report and Recommended Recordings Issue, Polk LSi25 speakers, Panasonic DVD AV32 DVD player. The Skeptimania column asks: Are Speaker Response Curves Misleading?

AUDIOXPRESS = for May continues the former Audio Electronics, Glass Audio & Speaker Builder publications in one monthly package. This month: Discover an Unlikely Tube Power Supply, Improving the Pass/Thagard A75, A Tube Power Amp You Can Easily Build, A Towering Solution to Low Frequencies, Simple Satellites Studies, Explore the Benefits of Transformers, Accurately Measure Very Low Resistance, and (whew!) A First-Class Headphone Amp.

AUDIOXPRESS = for April is again packed with DIY projects and reviews: Testing the Updated Froy Speaker Kit, Discover the Sound of Plasma Tweeters (hopefully without killing yourself...), Sleuthing Faulty Capacitors, Build a Multifeatured Stereo Control, A High Quality Low Cost Tube Amp, Which Budget Phono Preamp is Right for You?, Box Construction Made Easy, book review of Master Handbook of Acoustics.

BOUND FOR SOUND = Issue #149 of the sans-advertising newsletter opens with Martin DeWulf holding forth on The Truth Behind Reissues. He rates in sonic quality the many versions on both LP and CD of classic recordings such as Tea for the Tillerman and Dark Side of the Moon. Reviews include the tweaked Belles 350A amp, Ray Samuels XR-2 outboard phono section, Blue Circle Music Purse preamp and Pumps power amps (mini-electronics in a purse and a pair of ladies' shoes respectively!), John Curl's Parasound Halo JC 1 monoblock power amp, Machina Dynamica Promethean Base, Tekna Sonic Dampers and HSU VTF-2 subwoofer.

WIDESCREEN REVIEW = The May issue has a still from The Transporter on the cover, feature stories on Analog vs. Digital Compression, Affordable AV Control Systems, Rental and DVD Pricing, Reviews of the Meridian Audio 568.2 Surround Processor and NEC HT1000 DLP Projector and over 40 DVD & D-VHS reviews. Other equipment reviews inside are the Lumagen Vision Video Processor, Butler Audio TDB 5150 power amp, and Legacy's Audio Harmony in-wall speakers.

HI-FI NEWS = for May sports the KEF New Reference 207 speakers on the cover, plus Niro Nakamichi's Masterpieces - a state-of-the-art amplifier. Also cover stories are hard disk palyers from Terratec and Yamaha, CD players from Stello and Lindemann, the aftermarket Origin kit for the Linn LP12 turntable, Philips DVD/SACD player, Denon's Digital Link hi-res connection system for between their DVD-A player and multichannel integrated amp, speakiers from ATC, Mission, Revolver and Velodyne, Koetsu cartridge, and Musical Fidelity pre-/power amp. The Lynx soundcard is reviewed and Barry Fox discusses copyright theft.

THE INNER EAR REPORT = This is Vol. 15 of the Canadian quarterly. A sunlit home theater system with the Electra Series 964 speakers from Focal.JMlab graces the cover. Other cover reviews promised are a tube amp from Tenor Audio and the solid state 7B SST from Bryston. Manley’s Steelhead phono preamp, a Pioneer Elite AV receiver, Chord’s DAC64, Gutwire Audio Basic cables, and the Goldmund Eidos 38D DVD/CD transport are reviewed. Other speakers covered are Monitor Audio’s Silver S6 and Jaguar Musicspeakers. Products from two new audio names are presented: Orpheus preamp and amp, and Harmonic Resolution Systems’ M3 Isolation Base and Damping Plates. The issue editorial involves actual discussion of the behavior and function of the human ear - must be a first for audio magazines.

THE BAS SPEAKER = This is the fourth issue of Vol. 24 of the bare-bones but full of useful information publication from the hoary but very active Boston Audio Society. There are the usual Open Forum, Commentary and News sections, and special features this issue include Producing Digital Video Essentials (by Joe Kane), Genesis of Human Speakers, About the So- Called ‘floor bounce’ (fascinating!), and reviews of three speakers: the MartinLogan CLS-11 electrostatic, KEF ThreeTwo, and Quad ESL-989 electrostatic. Complete reports of three of the group’s more interesting meetings during the past year round out the issue.

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