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[Presented in cooperation with L.A. AUDIO FILE. If you can't find any of these magazines at your local audio salon or newsstand, complete details will be found here in our Audio Bibliography.]

AUDIO MUSINGS = Continues their policy in the new issue of having more than one reviewer cover each of the components in the issue. This time the Majeel Labs Pristine SA10 amplifier, ATC power speakers and preamp, Soliloquy 6.3 speakers, Parasound HCA 1500A amp and Simaudio Moon W-3 amp are among the items viewed from different angles by up to four different reviewers. Also included are the Basis 1400 turntable with Series 2 Glider cartridge and Phonomena phono preamp, plus the latest in isolation tweaks - the MIBS Aurios bearings. Usually the reviewers agree in general about a component but the different system matches and environments bring up varied comments that can be more useful to readers then just a single writer's opinions.

HI-FI NEWS = for October puts Krell's first loudspeaker - the all-metal LAT-2 - on their cover. They review the latest DVD players from Arcam and Meridian and go into some DVD-Audio options as well. Hot amplifiers for the month are from Musical Fidelity and Conrad-Johnson, plus a phono stage from Naim. Speakers from BBC (the classic LS3/5 in a new version), O'Heocha, Wharfdale, NHT and Sony are covered. They call the Magnum Dynalab the world's best receiver and explain why Sony's latest speakers are designed especially for SACD playback.

HOME THEATER = The October issue has two of the latest DLP (digital light processing) projectors going head-to-head in a video front projection shoot-out. The single-lens projectors - both using Texas Instruments components - are from Seleco and Yamaha. A new DVD-Audio disc gets feature treatment because it's from The Grateful Dead. Home Theaters Around the World is another feature, and there is a survey of the advantages of the two DBS systems - DISH and DirecTV - over video cable services. The over 50 pages of component reviews include the Simaudio Moon Attraction Surround Processor and Moon Titan HT 200 Amp, Sony PFM-42B1 42-inch Plasma HD Monitor, Cinepro Gold Six-Channel Amp, Rotel RSP976 Surround Processor, JVC XV-D723GD Progressive-Scan DVD player, PMC FB1 speaker system, Princeton Graphics HDT2000 and Samsung SIR-T150 HDTV tuners, Cambridge SoundWorks Newton Theater MC300 speaker system, Philips DSR6000 DirecTV receiver and TiVo PVR.

STEREOPHILE = October is the "Recommended Components" issue. Among the components recommended: turntables, tonearms, phono cartridges, phono accessories, phono preamps, SACD, DVD-A & CD players, digital processors, CD,DVD & SACD transports, CD accessories, music surround sound components, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, loudspeaker systems, subwoofers & crossovers, headphones, FM tuners, FM antennae, complete audio systems, signal processors, miscellaneous accessories, power-line accessories, stands, spikes feed & racks, room acoustics treatments, loudspeaker cables & interconnects, and digital data interconnects. All together, there are approximately 700 components that are recommended, spanning some 30 pages.

Also in this issue: Part two of the magazine's report on the Home
Entertainment 2001 Show held in New York, an in-depth look at Internet
music, and Michael Fremer gives a rave review to Musical Fidelity's $5000
Nu-Vista 3D CD player. - RN (LA Audio File)

CONSUMER REPORTS= The November issue of rates over 60 loudspeaker models, from main-speaker pairs to six-piece systems. Of note, a new model from
Technics, the SB-LX30 is the second highest rated bookshelf model in CR's cumulative testing of such models. Its bass handling is deemed excellent. Best of all, it goes for around $100/pair(!). The SB-LX30 is a CR Best Buy. Among floor-standing models, the $500/pr Mission MS M73 is the top rated model. The Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble III is the top-rated three piece system, although its bass-handling is judged only fair. Among six-piece systems, the Sony SA-VE815ED is deemed to have excellent sound quality. - RN (LA Audio File)

STEREOPHILE GUIDE TO HOME THEATER = The AVS 2000, described as a Monster Voltage Stabilizer, graces the cover of the October issue. The same two new DLP projectors compared by Home Theater Magazine above - the Seleco and Yamaha - are also covered in this publication. Gear exhibited at the New York Home Entertainment Show is described, and Seven Steps to a Better Home Theater is the title of a useful feature article. Other components here: Philips 34PW9817 16:9 direct-view monitor, Cal Audio Labs CL-2500 MCA 5-channel amp, Denon DVD-2800 progressive-scan DVD player. There are reviews of 11 DVDs.

AUDIO XPRESS = for October continues the mix of DIY material from the former Audio Electronics, Glass Audio and Speaker Builder magazines. Cover features are Constructing D'Appolito-configuration Speakers, A Focal (drivers) HT System, How to Move & Fix LPs to CD Format, Why Your Power Line Is So Dirty, An Op Amp/Tube Power Plant, Two Excellent Meters for the Test Bench, Fixing a Ho-Hum Crossover, Regulators Sans Feedback, Build a Killer Audio System for Your Computer, and Is the Sony Mini-Disc OK for Serious Listening?

INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW = Pianist Stephen Hough is on the cover, due to release of his set of all of Saint-Saens' works for piano and orchestra. Bryn Terfel's new Falstaff is reviewed, and there is a survey of Haydn's The Creation on record. The listing of all classical CDs released monthly is a regular feature of the magazine.

BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE = The October issue has Neeme Jarvi, his son and grandson on cover for "The Jarvi Dynasty - Saviours of Estonia's Music?" "Jessye Norman - Is This the Twilight of a Goddess?" is another feature, along with a comprehensive guide to the autumn's top releases, totaling 200 CDs. "Arnold's Choice" celebrates the 80th birthday of Malcolm Arnold and his music which contrasts pathos and humor. Composer of the Month is Edouard Lalo. The audio section reviews six tuners, of more interest in the UK than in the U.S. today, but two of them are digital audio receivers - of even less interest here since there is no terrestrial digital radio as yet.

SCHWANN INSIDE = The recent September issue has jazz vocalist Jimmy Scott on the cover, with other stories on Swiss conductor Peter Maag - who died in April, the electric period Miles Davis, and Paavo Jarvi. The technology section has a three-page article titled "A Look at DVD-Audio." There are 22 CD reviews plus the usual supplementary list to the OPUS and SPECTRUM catalogs of the new releases for the month.

- John Sunier

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