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Weekly AUDIO NEWS for Sept. 19, 2001

Editor's Message: What a week. Among the many cancellations in the face of the national tragedy was last week's Audio News. One thing apparent has been the undeniable power of music as a balm in our grief. It has been heard/seen in places of worship, public performances and on the air. The uncanny ability of music to often express the inexpressible has been and will continue to be a balm to many of us. It is our fervent hope that the perpetrators of this outrage against humanity be brought to justice and/or eliminated without any further loss of innocent human life anywhere on earth.

Abbey Road Goes SACD - Following the recent announcements of Universal Music Group going SACD and BMG planning DVD-Audio releases, another of the major record labels - EMI - has announced their intention to release some of their major recording artists on Super Audio CD. Their studios at Abbey Road installed its first DSD workstation recently, including the acclaimed Sonoma multichannel recorder/editor/mastering system. EMI (which also includes Virgin Records) says this is part of the studio's continuing drive for audio excellence at the cutting edge of sound reproduction.

Initial plans are for issuing about 17 titles on SACD, primarily in the pop area to begin with: Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Paul McCartney among them. Some of the Virgin titles to be offered soon include Michael Nyman's The Piano, Morricone's score for The Mission, Tangerine Dream's Rubycon, and Brian Eno's Music for Airports. Virgin's first high-rez release was the 4.0 multichannel SACD of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells, which was mastered from the original quad tapes of the 70s. [To be reviewed in our Oct. Issue.] Jason Day of Virgin reported that music lovers were impressed with the clarity of the stereo mix and thrilled with the multichannel feed found on Tubular Bells. (The hybrid disc also supplies a standard 44.1 CD layer.)

AES Convention in NYC Rescheduled - The 111th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, which was originally set for September 21 to 24 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC, has been moved to November 30th thru December 3 at the same location. Emergency organizations have taken over most of the building in the meantime. A few of the interesting events and workshops set for the new dates are: The History of Signal Processing, Digital Broadcasting in the U.S., Grammy Recording Soundtable, Evaluation of Surround Sound Reproduction, 25 of the Most Famous Cases in Forensic Audio & Video, Myths in Audio, Perceptual Evaluation of High-Rez Audio, Guerrilla Acoustics, Watermarks and Fingerprints.

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