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[Presented in cooperation with L.A. AUDIO FILE. If you can't find any of these magazines at your local audio salon or newsstand, complete details will be found here in our Audio Bibliography.]

THE SENSIBLE SOUND = The August/September issue boasts a record number of recording and equipment reviews. Two different writers report on the 2001 New York Home Entertainment Show. The components covered this issue are Diablo Acoustics Model 6 speakers, the Bose QC-1 noise canceling headphones, Dunlavy Audio Labs Cantata speakers, Linn Classik CD/Receiver, Linn Tukan speakers, Onkyo PS509 Precise mini-stereo system and Yamaha RX-V3000 AV receiver.

STEREOPHILE (August) = Krell's first loudspeaker, the LAT-1 is featured on the cover. Audio experts Steve Guttenberg and Brent Butterworth face off in a spirited argument over the merits of multichannel vs. old-fashioned two-channel stereo. Very high-tech speakers from Sony and Audio Physic are reviewed and the performer interview is with crossover saxophonist Branford Marsalis. Also the first report from the NYC Home Entertainment Show. Another equipment report is on the Conrad-Johnson Premier 16LS preamp, and Jon Iverson offers advice to record labels concerning multichannel from the musicians viewpoint.

STEREOPHILE (September) = 47 Lab's PiTracer high end CD player is dubbed a Dream Machine on the cover of the new issue. The Tact RCS 2.0 digital equalizer/preamp, designed to correct room acoustics, is covered along with speakers from Polk and Merlin and the Integra DPS-9.1 DVD-Audio player. Music features are on the late Nick Drake and John Hammond and the Blind Boys of Alabama. John Atkinson reflects on the passing of Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg, and Michael Fremer writes about the return of the laser-playback turntable. Other equipment: ELAC Technische Software CARA 2.0 (a more complex computer program for room EQ).

STEREOPHILE GUIDE TO HOME THEATER = Budget Speakers are the focus of the cover art and main story this month. Reviewed are the Tannoy Mercury mX2, KEF Q15.2, Mission 780, Acoustic Research Stature S20, Fosgate Audionics FA61.0 and Monitor Audio Bronze 2. With some reservations, the Tannoy came out on top. DVD Video players from RCA and Panasonic engage in a shoot-out and an extensive how-to article explains the need for and installation of the proper outdoor antenna for reception of HDTV digital telecasts. An extravagant six-million-dollar home theater system is displayed. On the subject of HDTV, Michael Fremer opines that it's not ready for prime time. Other components: Outlaw 1050 Receiver, Zenith PRO-1200X CRT video projector, Sony SuperTheater PFM-42B1 plasma monitor, PSB Image surround speakers, Audio Pro Diamond surround speakers.

WIDESCREEN REVIEW = The September issue has Hannibal leering out from it, and in addition to that DVD review there are 64 others. The series on setup of the magazine's Holosonic Home Theater is up to Part V covering the video system. Dunlavy's Signature Series speakers are part of the system. There are articles on Integra Research - called the Lexus of Home Theater - and an interview with Dr. Udo Zucker of TAG McLaren Audio. Runco's DTV-1200 9-inch CRT projector is the main product in review. Parry Sun reports on INFOCOMM 2001.

THE ABSOLUTE SOUND = In their August/September issue they display the "New Star in the Audio Sky" - the Hovland HP-100 preamp. They call Sony's new SCD-C555ES multichannel SACD player Hot, Hot, Hot. The Great SACD Debate is continued with discussions of the recordings, stereo and surround reproduction. A new speaker from Tannoy, the R3, is reviewed. HP writes on The Hazards of Reviewing," Telarc's first multichannel SACD release is discussed, there's a photo essay on the New York Home Entertainment Show, and Dan Sweeney asks if the Internet is changing the art of music. Other equipment reviews: MBL 1511 Transport & 1521 DAC, Revel Salon speakers, Manger Zerobox 109 speakers, Coincident Super Eclipse speakers, Silver Rock and Jensen line transformers, Discovery cables, Simaudio Moon P-5 preamp, Accusonic MB400 Monoblocks.

HOME THEATER (August) - The principles of the recent feature Thirteen Days - now on DVD - are on the cover together with Part IV of the series on the WSR super home theater. Balanced Power from Equi=Tech and an upgrade to the MSB Technology Progressive Plus Video Scaler are other cover features. First of the products in review is Denon's DVD-2800 Progressive Scan Player. The 2001 NAB Convention is reviewed and the Making Movies feature concerns Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The Philips SACD 1000 multichannel SACD player and SMART Tube/MOSFET Hybrid amp are two other components reviewed.

HOME THEATER (September) = Two guys playing football in the home theater and about to knock over the Philips 34-inch monitor, Atlantic Technology T 90 speakers on stands, and bottle of beer grave the September issue cover. Getting the best performance out of your money whether you choose a receiver or separates is the subject of a special feature. A Tour of Dolby Labs is another. "An Easy 3-Step Guide to Receiving HDTV" is promised. Other components: Princeton Ch.1-enabled Ai3.6HD TV, B&K Reference 30 AV System Controller and Reference 7270 Series II amp, Compaq MP2800 DLP projector.

AUDIOXPRESS = The new publication encompassing the former Audio Electronics, Speaker Builder and Glass Audio has September issue articles on building a super car speaker system, a powerful single-ended tube amp, a sound rig for your computer, and exploring the basics of ports for better speaker designs. Why Your Wall Outlet is Polluting Your Sound, and Resurrecting a Vintage JBL Classic are two other features. There are test reports on Blaupunkt's AM/FM/CD head end unit, Tannoy's S8LR speaker, Sovtek's new 12ax7 LPS tube, and Monarchy's SM-70 amp and digital interface.

INNER EAR REPORT = The new issue of the Canadian quarterly sports the Energy Veritas 2.4 speaker on the cover. Other cover equipment listed: Bryston 14B ST amp, Moon Eclipse CD player, B&W Nautilus 801 speakers, Audio Aero Prima CD player, Meadow Song Labs Mt. Everest speakers, Wyetch Labs Onyx Monoblocks, Acoustic Energy Aegis speakers, and Magnum Dynalab FM tuner. Inside, the Myryad Cameo system gets reviewed, and articles on Human Hearing, and Tracking Technology are found.

HI-FI NEWS (August) = Cover features include the Wilson Benesch Tactic speaker with its exposed backwards-mounted driver on the bottom, a survey of six sub/satellite stylish very small speaker systems, Blueroom speakers, new components from Audio Research, and the Audio Note Zero tube system. An article on digital amps dubs them the next revolution in audio design. Also: Snell ADA home cinema system, Audio Synthesis Passion Ultimate passive preamp, Marantz SM-17 power amp, Lumley Monarch speaker, van den Hul Integration cable, Musical Fidelity DVD-1 player. Barry Fox addresses the recordable DVD R saga and how DVD-A should not be demonstrated.

HI-FI NEWS (September) = "Best of British" puts the very retro-appearing Renaissance push-pull 300B tube monoblock on the cover. How to get the best FM sound is part of a survey of Top Tuners. Bob Stuart of Meridian is interviewed on MLP and the future. Other tests include Sony's '770 SACD multichannel SACD player, Musical Fidelity's 3D CD player, the B&W Nautilus 802 speaker and the PS Audio P600 Power Plant. Others: Totem Model One Signature speaker, Nagra Ares-P digital recorder, Relaxa equipment supports, Grado State Reference cartridge. In his regular column John Crabbe asks if technology has solved all the problems of acoustics.

INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW = Anne Sofie von Otter shines on the front cover, being called "a model mezzo" in the review of her new song recital CD. Schoenberg 50 Years On: a reappraisal is an interesting feature, and many recent music DVDs are reviewed in six pages devoted to that format. Included are ballets of Minkus, Ishii and Herold and operas of Gershwin, Puccini, R. Strauss, Verdi, Janacek and Wagner.

SCHWANN INSIDE = The latest issue has guitarist Sharon Isbin on the cover. Russell Malone Breaks Out and Robert Craft on Stravinsky and Schoenberg are other features. Another discussion of SACD vs. DVD-A is here, with features on Gil Evans, John Zorn, and Palmetto Records.

BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE (August) = Soprano Renée Fleming adorns the cover of this issue focused on the London Proms Concerts. "World Music Meltdown" asks if fusion is killing authenticity in music, and conductor Mark Elder writes on why he loves Verdi. In the audio section car stereo head ends are reviewed and compared. 150 CDs get reviews this issue.

BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE (September) = The Extraordinary Life of Martha Argerich is the cover story this month, as the writer attempts to explain the special appeal of this pianist's performances and recordings. The Truth About English Church Music and a short story, The Piano Teacher's Pupil, are other features.Mark Hamlin's recent Alkan CD and reissues of Beecham conducting Delius are among the 150 CD reviews. The audio section covers six different mini stereo systems.

JOURNAL OF THE AUDIO ENGINEERING SOCIETY = The June issue, just received, prints three technical papers. The subjects are Sweep Measurements, Spherical-Head Modelling, and High Resolution Digital Coding. There's a report on the 110th convention held in Amsterdam and a preview of the next Conference, to be held in Budapest.

- John Sunier

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