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Weekly AUDIO NEWS for September 18, 2002

Gains in Audio Sales for June - There was a nearly eight percent increase in sales of audio products from manufacturer to dealer during June, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. Separate component sales increased by ten percent.

Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting Struggles On - The National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC) has "begun a process" to set technical standards for In-Band On-Channel (IBOC) digital audio broadcasting in the U.S. in both FM and AM bands. This has been going on seemingly forever now, mainly due to the insistence of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) that the new digital signals be simulcast at the same dial-position as stations' present analog frequencies. All other countries that have introduced DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasts) had used frequencies in other parts of the spectrum. IBiquity Digital Corporation is the sole developer and proponent of the IBOC technology.

NYC French Music Festival Planned for March - The entire month of March 2003 will be devoted to a giant "Sounds French" music festival in New York City, including the appearances of more than a dozen French composers. Highlights will include Pierre Boulez conducting works of Dutilleux at Carnegie Hall, a new opera by Pascal Dusapin, and performances of musique concrete and electronic music by a pioneer of that genre, Pierre Henry.

Vanguard's Seymour Solomon, 1922-2002 - The recent death of the founder of Vanguard and Bach Guild Records closes an era in the recording of classical music. Starting as a concert violinist, Solomon felt that he could do better at recording classical music than the labels active at the birth of the LP. He began with a series recorded in Vienna with conductor Henry Swoboda. His label was always eager to try new approaches to improve recording realism, and made the most successful classical quadraphonic recordings of that period, released on open reel four-channel tape as well as SQ-encoded LPs. Several of these are now being reissued as four channel SACDs. [We began reviewing them in our July issue.]

Klipsch Sponsors Heartland Film Festival - The Heartland Film Festival, established 11 years ago in Indianapolis, has a new partner in Klipsch Audio Technologies, also headquartered now in Indianapolis. The speaker company will present two "Truly Moving Sound" awards for films. The credo of the festival is to recognize films which "artistically express hope and respect for the positive values of life." The dates are October 17-25 in Indianapolis.


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