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September 1, 2004

 Disc & Download News:

50 Silverline DualDiscs Scheduled - Silverline Records, who have released more DVD-A titles than any other label, will begin the release of 50 different titles in the new DualDisc format starting November. This is part of the launch of the new format by all major record labels. Their two-sided discs will carry a standard CD program on one side and DVD-Audio on the other side, complete with music videos, interviews, photo galleries, concert footage, lyrics, web links and other extras. (Some labels will issue a full length DVD video program on the second side of the DualDisc, without DVD-Audio.) Among the upcoming Silverline DualDiscs will be titles from Curtis Mayfield, Taj Mahal, Jane Monheit, Blondie, Roy Ayers, and The London Symphony.

Naxos Opens NYC Office - Naxos of America has opened a media office in New York City to further enhance its public presence as the world’s leading classical music record label. Since l987 Naxos has been acclaimed for recording a massive library of repertory ignored by other labels, and at bargain pricing. Their American Classics series is the most comprehensive collection of American concert music ever attempted. The company has acquired distribution of several other labels and is now the leading independent distributor of classical music in North America.

Blockbuster Goes Online - Stimulated by surveys showing that American consumers spent more than $100 billion in online purchases during 2003, the Blockbuster video rental chain has launched their Blockbuster Online Internet-based DVD rental service. Some interesting features are provided subscribers for a fee of $19.99 per month: they receive unlimited movie rentals by mail - up to three at a time - without shipping costs. There are no return dates - discs may be kept as long as they want and watched as many times as they wish. It’s just that they won’t receive another rental disc until they return at least one they have. The site is:

Surround Sound Broadcast on Internet - At the Surround Sound 2004 Conference in Los Angeles on August 31, a live tutorial session with Herbie Hancock plus selected tracks from the provider of music for the film Monster - BT - were broadcast on the Net for the first time in MPEG aacPlus surround sound. Both recordings will be at in the Archives throughout September. Orban’s Opticodec-PC was used to encode the 5.1 signals and they are distributed by America Online’s Shoutcast media platform. To experience them in surround requires the latest version of Nullsoft’s freeware WinAmp. At 160Kbps, the streams match the quality of 5.1 surround heard on most DVDs, but at less than half the bit rate.

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