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   September 15, 2004   

All News About TV:

CEA Calls for Education About DTV - The Consumer Electronics Association replied to an FCC request for information on TV viewers who rely only on over-the-air (OTA) reception. The report noted that TVs which were not connected to cable or satellite subscription services were not necessarily used for OTA viewing. They found that 32% of subscription households have at least one TV not connected to the subscription service, and 75% of households reserve at least one TV exclusively for viewing material from a VCR, DVD player or video game system. It also noted that sales of digital products has been so strong that projections for DTV saturation had to be revised upwards. By the end of this year 14 million DTVs are expected to be in American homes and by 2010 over 85% of the nation will have DTV. The CEA stressed that broadcasters are uniquely able to reach their standard-TV OTA viewers with information about DTV and should step up their promotion and education efforts.

DirecTV To Launch Four Satellites for HDTV - Two new satellites will be put up next year and two more in 2007, in order to provide more HDTV channels to their subscribers. Once you watch a favorite program in HDTV it is hard to ever watch NTSC TV again. Early adopters complained there wasn’t enough programming to watch, but now that is changing as the costs of producing for HDTV are coming down. Also, both DirecTV and Dish Network are now providing new DVRs which can record HDTV programs for time-shifting when viewers cannot watch in real time - that will increase viewer interest. Consumers who have invested in DTV are exactly the audience advertisers want to reach.

Sony Employs TV Guide On Screen - Gemstar-TV Guide International has signed an agreement with Sony Corporation to include their interactive program guide (IPG), known as TV Guide On Screen, in Sony DTVs, DVD recorders, CableCARDs and set-top boxes. Built directly into the products, it provides a quick, simple and free way to navigate programming options and to schedule time-shifting of programs. CableCARD technology allows viewers to receive the premium digital cable feeds without a set-top box. The continually-updated program listings are provided for both cable and OTA broadcasts (but evidently not for satellite services).

UltimateTV Replaces WebTV - Internet access via one’s television was pioneered by Microsoft’s WebTV (a rather primitive system compared to even the most basic PC). Now UltimateTV, which requires users to have digital TV service, helps finding particular shows among the hundreds of channels, can replay segments, freeze action, order something you see on screen, check information on a web site connected with the program you are watching, send email, even use an instant messaging service with your friends. The service is available thru DirecTV at $9.95 monthly in addition to the DirecTV fee. Additional Net access involves another added fee. The PVR holds about 35 hours of saved programming, so when it’s full you have to start watching and deleting. There are two Universal Serial Buys ports for future broadband connections.

Americans now watch an average of 30 hours of TV weekly...

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