Audio News for April 28, 2015

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Audio News

Recycle Your Old Electronics – Here are some do’s and don’ts: Check your state laws since some states have banned putting electronics in the waste stream. Be sure to wipe all personal data from any hard or flash drive before you recycle (or sell). Take your products to a reputable recycling outlet. Do not take any products contaminated with food or household pests. If the electronics are broken, put the parts in a box when you bring them in to recycle.

E-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream on earth. Many electronics contain hazardous substances. The cost and energy to mine raw materials is greater than the cost and energy to recycle old sources. Recycling can create jobs. Recycling materials can prevent us from doing business with countries with suspect human rights records. Plastics in some electronics can be reused in toys and gardening tools, flat panel TV glass can be re-purposed as digital watch faces, and some of the precious metals can be processed and reused in jewelry, wiring, electronics, construction materials and other tools. Every U.S. Best Buy store has a kiosk for dropping off printer ink and toner cartridges, rechargeable (not standard) batteries, wires, cords and cable.

Premium Home Audio Brought to Ford Explorer –  Two industry-first innovations are featured in the Ford Explorer Platinum for 2015, courtesy of Sony and Ford. Sony developed their proprietary Live Acoustics algorithm by installing mics to measure the precise acoustic qualities of great halls in Amsterdam, Berlin and Vienna. Their engineers spent over 100 hours tuning the Explorer audio system. It has 12 high-power speakers in ten carefully-selected locations, plus a new Class D amp delivering a lossless power source to drive the speakers, which are optimized for sensitivity. The speakers’ coils are square instead of round, to give greater efficiency and heat dispersion. Clear Phase technology optimizes the sound stage inside the Exporer to make the music sound as though it’s coming from a stage larger than the vehicle itself. The technology eliminates sound dispersion, allowing music to be focused in specific areas of the sound stage. The idea is give Explorer Platinum owners the audio experience previousy reserved for customers of high-end home audio systems. The premium SUV’s interior uses brushed aluminum, satin-finish ash wood and leather. The Explorer has been the top-selling midsize SUV in the U.S. since 2005.

New Rotel Surround Processor – The RSP-1582 has six 192/24 Wolfson DAC chips, with our for the frontal speakers and sub, and shared stereo DACS for the rear and surround channels. It has 3 optical, 3 coax, and a PC-USB input supporting 192/24 digital audio.  Also an AptX Bluetooth receiver providing higher-quality wireless connectivity. There is a 7.1 channel input and six conventional stereo analog inputs, and volume controls are in .5 dB increments for very fine adjustments. The software may be updated via USB port or a network connection. The unit has a 7-inch display on the front for easy interaction with all AV components.

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