Audio News for August 2, 2011

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MOG Offers Its Music Service on LG Electronics – Music media company MOG has announced that its award-winning music streaming service will be featured on LG Electronics’ Internet-connected devices, including their Blu-ray players and home theater systems. LG’s new Smart TV Upgrader set top box will also have MOG. Music fans can search, browse, and access MOG’s vast music library which is provided with high quality audio and visually stunning graphics. The music is uninterrupted by ads, and streamed at 320 kbps. The “MOG Mobius” music discovery engine enables users to switch between true “artist only” radio or a full mix of similar artists. Charts, editors’ picks and details on new releases are provided. After a free 14-day trial, the MOG Basic service is $4.99 per month and MOG P{rimo is $9.99.  The service is also part of the Sonos Multi-Room Music System in the U.S.

College Teacher Takes 3D Prize
– DirecTV’s n3D channel recently awarded its first Excellence Award to Vanessa Newell – a Loyola Marymount University professor and filmmaker. She received $25,000 as top prize in a n3D Film Invitational presented by Panasonic, for her wacky comedy/horror 3D short “Hazelwood” which follows a genetically-altered lab rat accidentally let out of its cage. Writer, producer and director Levi Hollman won the 3D Technical Achievement Award and $5000 from Technicolor for his 3D short “Nickel Ride,” a family drama. A spokesperson said DirecTV is committed to the category and will continue to invest in 3D to help increase consumer adoption around the world. Six Hollywood filmmakers were selected to showcase their 3D talents during the Invitational. They received 3D camera training, were loaned the latest 3D equipment from Panasonic, participated in Technicolor’s 3D Master Class, and received funding from DirecTV to create their 3D short films.

Beyerdynamic Custom Headphones
– Beyerdynamic said consumers can soon order customizable versions of their T50p headphones. Visited their website consumers can select the type of colors and materials they wish to be used; the program will take about two weeks, and starts at about $420. The frequency range is 10Hz-23kHz with an impedance of 32 ohms, and they feature the firm’s Tesla driver technology with dynamic transducers.

HDTT Answers Hi-Res Upsampling Accusations
– High Definition Tape Transfers has responded to sampling accusations in an article in UK’s Hi-Fi News which alleged that some premium-priced hi-res downloads currently offered on the Net are really upsampled 44.1K or analog recordings,  HDTT says they have never upsampled any music files they offer as downloads or discs on their site, because they feel it would provide no additional sonic benefit.  They also pointed out that some processes, such as A-D conversion and noise reduction – including Dolby processing – can sometimes be mistaken on a spectrogram as signatures of upsampling.  They also said that many of the master tapes of the ‘60s thru ‘80s period were modified in many ways before being sent out for duplication or pressing LPs, and many of these post-recording effects show up on a spectrogram as anomalous data which can be mistaken for something else.

SRS Labs in Partnership With Currys Essentials and Logik TV –  The leading audio solution for the built-in speakers of flat panel TVs, SRS TruSurround HD creates an immersive listening experience by processing up to 6.1 audio channels for playback over two speakers.  The collaboration was made possible by an agreement with the brands’ parent company, Dixons Retail plc. SRS Labs is an industry leader in audio signal processing for four consumer electronics areas: TV, PC, mobile phones and auto entertainment systems.

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