Audio News for December 13, 2011

by | Dec 13, 2011 | Audio News

Ridley Scott on Blu-ray, 3D, Etc. – The three-time Oscar-nominated filmmaker held forth on the Huffington Post about the advances in filmmaking which technology has brought us: He has supported Blu-ray since its inception and says it’s the closest yet to the best theatrical viewing experience. Blu-ray allows presenting in a person’s living room films in their original form with the proper colors, aspect ratio, sound quality and startling clarity. Scott says not to write off physical media as dead—evidence shows it isn’t happening and won’t for years to come. He says the technology will have to make many more huge leaps before one can ever view films that are downloaded with equal quality achieved by Blu-ray discs—especially with the requirements of today’s 3D films. Scott says physical media has many years left and must be preserved because there is no better alternative.
Unique Hi-End Speaker Avoids Parallel Surfaces – A new Dutch floorstanding loudspeaker has five high-quality drivers in a four-way system with a 10-inch woofer. The sinewy, sculpture-like speaker has unique cabinet design and construction, with an avoidance of parallel surfaces. Internal vibrations are  minimized and the drivers are positioned at the best angles for optimum imaging and time alignment. Two of the drivers are sunk deep into the cabinet. The result is both aesthetically pleasing and with balance performance. The Mansburg Sinus is $28, 240 a pair.
Using Game Consoles to Connect TVs to Internet – While many manufacturers now offer smart TVs that connect directly to the Internet, many users have been connecting their PCs to their TV to get streaming video and other services.  But now many are also using their game consoles to make their TVs “smart.” Video game systems such as the Xbox 360, as well as Blu-ray players, streaming-media set-top boxes and smart TVs can also bring these services to your living room. Prices on all these units have dropped, and electronics makers are competing to get more programming services to consumers. Roku was one of the first of the set-top boxes; its latest Model 2 XS is only $99 and the cheapest way if all you want to Netflix and Hulu on your TV.  The Boxee Box by D-Link is $180 and connects you to many Net offerings including Vudu and Pandora. There are several Blu-ray players now available with built-in Wi-Fi and under $80.  The new Xbox Live software update lets you search and play back movies using voice control. It offers Epix from Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount and Viacom, and later this month will add Vudu, music video site Vevo, and 26 channels of live TV from Verizon if you have their service. The PlayStation Network has on-demand movies and TV shows, and has added CinemaNow, Hulu, Vudu and NHL GameCenter Live.
Lionsgate to Release Over 100 Movies Via CreateSpace – CreateSpace’s DVD On Demand service, which is part of, has announced the release of over 100 film titles, including films and TV series available for the first time. The technology at the Amazon site can deliver high-quality DVDs from major studios to the door of users, or they can download them thru Amazon Instant Video stream service. Titles are only manufactured in response to customer demand, so they are never out of stock. The streaming service provides many TV shows the day after they have aired, as well as contemporary and classic videos in HD and SD.

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