Audio News for December 30, 2014

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Audio News

LG Brings Smartphone-like Thinness to TVs – At next week’s CES, the South Korean company will show its Art Slim LCD TV panels which measure less than an inch thick. That is a 75% reduction over traditional LCD screens, and makes the TVs about 25% lighter than conventional TVs of the same size. Innovations include converting the back cover of the LCD module into the rear cover of the complete set, plus a new method of attaching the rear cover to the panel based on conventional narrow bezel techology by minimizing the bezel width. Sizes will range from 49 to 65 inches.

Toshiba To Show Glasses-free 3D Panels – Toshiba will show at CES a new glasses-free 3D/2D switching panel for portable UHD screens. It uses a low-crosstalk liquid crystal lens technology with a hi-def gradient-index (GRIN) lens for a 15-inch UHD LCD panel. It avoids image brightness degradation in 3D mode, reduces the abnormal alignment of liquid crystal molecules near the boundaries of liquid crystal lenses, reducing  crosstalk to 2% against 5% in conventional 3D displays. 3D resolution has been increased more than five times, make it possible to view high-quality 3D images on the same display used for UHD 2D images. Toshiba has marketed glasses-free big-screen 3D TVs and computers for a number of years. The new technology will be applied eventually to any screen size, and the company expects to ramp up production of industrial and medical displays requiring glasses-free hi-def 3D displays.

Grom Audio Adds HD Radio to Factory Vehicle Sound Systems – Their HDR-1 QRadio dongle adds HD Radio to over 30 makes of cars, and plugs into the firm’s Grom-USB3 and Brom BT3 car-integration kits, which add stereo Bluetooth, aux input compressed-file playback via USB input, and iPhone/Android phone USB connection. The dongle will retail for $79. There are now over 2000 HD radio stations, AM and FM.

Global LCD TV Shipments for 2014 Hit 215M Units – Despite fears of a shift to small-screen video devices, recent estimates for global market shipments show audiences are still hungry for larger TV sets. In 2015, global TV sales should rise to 223 million units. China was the only place where shipments were down 3.3%. Samsung and LG account for a major chunk of the volume, and China-based TV vendors accounted for 32.9% of the global LCD TV market for 2014.

More Countries Acknowledge Health Risks of Mobile Technology – The CEO of one of Belgium’s top telecoms told school children that mobile phones were not safe for them. The scientific evidence against the pulsed microwaves of cell phone transmitters next to your head is mounting. Brief exposure has shown male fertility to plummet and cell phone radiation has been shown to damage human DNA. Belgium has mandated that specific absorption rates by the body during use be published at points of sale.

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