Audio News for December 4, 2015

by | Dec 4, 2015 | Audio News

Video Gaming – We haven’t had much news about video gaming, but an estimated 155 million Americans now play video games, and they’re not all youngsters either. About 51% of households in the U.S. today own a dedicated game console. Earlier versions of Sony’s X-Box proved one of the cheapest high-quality ways to play back Blu-rays.

New Sabre Mobile DAC & Headphone Amp – ESS Technology has introduced the next generation SABRE D-to-A (DAC) featuring new Dual-DAC architecture and the new ES9603 headphone amp. They are designed specifically for smartphones with hi-fi audio. The new Vivo X6 Plus smartphone has the best audio experience. It uses a high-performance 32-bit digital to analog converter and a 32-bit hyperstream architecture with Time Domain Jitter Eliminator. It delivers an unprecedented DNR of up to 129dB and total harmonic distorition plus noise of 120dB. The headphone amp offers ultra low noise with high gain, and has a programmable feature to improve THD+N with 32ohm loads to -112dB in Best Performance mode.

Apple’s $3 Billion Mistake in Overpaying Purchase of Beats Audio and Music – will be remedied by Apple’s changing the headphone port on the next iPhone update, iPhone 7 to make tens of milions of dollars. The 30-pin dock connector will be changed to its proprietary Lightning computer bus and power connector. Only the low-end Beats “buds” (that cause hearing damage to millions of users) will plug directly into the Lightning data port. Direct-wired high-end Apple headphones might be incompatible unless users buy an Apple proprietary adapter, which is bulky and expensive. [This is just an Apple rumour and may not actually happen.]

Bongiovi DPS Audio Enhancer – is said to make everything sound better. it plugs into your computer or sound system so everything receives its sonic benefits. It re-masters the sound using the patented Digital Power Station audio enhancer technology. There is no need to add extra speakers. It works with Skype and most other chat programs, and is compatible for PCs or Macs. It can improve clarity for those with hearing difficulty, and works with streaming audio and other online media sources. You can make your desktop or laptop speakers or headphones sound like you spent big money on top-of-line models. It scans the audio signal in real time and optimizes it for playback on your components. It can be downloaded for a free 48-hour trial and then is $20.

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