Audio News for February 12, 2016

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Audio News

Samsung and LG Show OLED Walls – At the Integrated Systems show in Europe both companies showed their own spin on the old neon sign, with a series of large OLED displays. The Samsung Video Wall is a four-by-four arrangement of OLED panels that stitch together a large image. The transparent “mirror” displays an be placed jus about anywhere. LG’s version uses four large double-sided curving OLED panels in a wave shape. They said with their hi-def resolution, they “will provide differentiated products for commercial display.”

Dying Technology – Hardware On the Way Out – According to The Telegraph, it’s: BlackBerries, separate digital cameras, standalone MP3 players, the Kindle, physical discs of all kinds, wired techology, set-top boxes, faxers, keys, old-fashioned telephones, buttons & keyboards.

Study Shows People Who Listen to Music Out Loud Have More Sex
Apple Music and Sonos did a study of 30 families around the world for two weeks. During the first week, they listened on headphones as they usually did, but the second week they had Apple Music via a Sonos system and speakers in their homes. They played over 8000 songs out loud. Videos were taken of the families and the second week had them talking to one another, smiling, laughing, singing, dancing and being affectionate. Self-reporting, the families said they spent 13% more time together and reported having 67% more sex. They enjoyed doing chores more, ate more meals together and felt less irritable. But there were a few disagreements about what to listen to. This is generally great news for the audio industry, especially streaming companies and speaker makers. Sharing music, as opposed to the very solitary act of listening thru your headphones, is a return to something more organic and natural to us.

New Canadian Site Offers Better Music Quality Plus Convenience – Technics Tracks has thousands of 192/24 tracks and millions of CD-quality tracks. They say they have Canada’s largest collection of 24-bit FLAC audio tracks. One writer who compared their offerings of one digital album, compared it to other digital versions, including SACD and Blu-ray audio, and found it superior to all. Like most download sites, you can chose whole albums or individual tracks. They stress the higher quality of even their non-hi-res wares.

Only a Rumor So Far, But Apple May Make Lightning the Hi-res Audio Port of the Future – Apple Music is planning to start offering hi-res music later this year.

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