Audio News for February 3, 2009

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House Nixes Delaying DTV Deadline But Votes Again Tomorrow – House Republicans beat back legislation pushed by Obama’s administration to delay the turning off of analog TV broadcasting February 17, making it June 12 instead. Broadcasters claimed it would cost an estimated $22 million to continue providing both analog and digital transmissions for four more months. The delay was expected to free up funds from expired coupons (because they were not redeemed within the allotted 90-day period). However, the House will give it another try on February 4 and it is hoped Republican efforts to deep-six the legislation delaying the transition will come to an end.

Voice Control for Your Home Entertainment System?
– Did you know there was a high-end technology to fully automate any home AV system as well as control everything else in the home? A Massachusetts company called Ambrid makes a system that operates with comprehensive functionality and simplicity. Their newest Universal Voice Remote controls an unlimited number of devices using IR, RS-232, Ethernet and USB, works with commands in English and requires no prior contact, if a device can perform a specific function, the Ambrid will respond to a voice command to do it, it automatically knows the entire channel lineup for radio and TV in North America – including cable stations and satellite radio, it knows all the music or video in your media players and will play any audio or video file on command. Its menu-driven configurator requires no programming at the handheld device, and it includes Internet access allowing service changes without an on-site visit. There are no buttons on the remote – one touch plus one or more voice commands give full control of your system.  The unit is sold only thru custom installers and has a SRP of $1980.

New Production Company Founded by Former Telarc Staff – Five/Four Productions has been established by four audio specialists from the Cleveland record label to represent the best of the best in audio production and technical innovation. The team has won many Grammy’s for their recordings across multiple genres of music. They are Michael Bishop, Robert Friedrich, Bill McKenney and Thomas Moore.  The four will bring their expertise to artists, labels and projects around the world and will continue many audio production duties for Telarc, HeadsUp and their overall owner Concord Music Group. The 5/4 name came both from the group originally having had five partners, and from the 5/4 time signature which Dave Brubeck popularized in his hit album “Take Five.” Some of their upcoming projects include one for DGG with the Cleveland orchestra and conductor Franz Welzer-Möst, projects for Telarc with Robert Spano and the Atlanta Symphony, Martin Perlman and the Boston Baroque Orchestra, Benjamin Zander and the Philharmonia Orchestra, and jazz artists Hiromi and John Pizzarelli. The group provides audio production, recording and mastering for CD, SACD, DVD, Blu-ray, LP, film and game soundtracks and all music download formats.

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