Audio News for February 6, 2009

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Boston Symphony Joins Symphony-Originated Record Labels – BSO Classics is the symphony’s new label. It will release four new albums on February 19 with James Levine conducting, including Ravel’s Daphnis and Chloé. These were live performances in Boston’s Symphony Hall.  All of Maestro Levine’s BSO concerts are being recorded for possible release and for archival purposes. Two of the new recordings will be available on CD (evidently not on SACD as with the other symphony’s labels) and all four will go on sale as downloads at  Tracks are provided in both HD Surround and MP3 stereo.  The BSO download site also offers historic BSO recordings by the Pops, Chamber Players and Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra.

Latest Dope on HDMI
– Marketing of HDMI cables is more full of half-truths than that of standard interconnects. Many physical and electrical characteristics go into the design and manufacture of a good HDMI cable. Some makers simplify the subject for public consumption with an undue emphasis on “speed.” But it’s not that simple. Length of the cable has a very significant effect on performance. So does physical damage to the cable from bending, etc.  The power on the HDMI buss was never intended to provide power to HDMI peripherals, including in-cable active EQ circuits. External power is recommended for HDMI connections. Those considering using component connections to avoid HDMI’s problems should see the webinar on “HDMI vs. Component”  at  It tells you which you should install and discusses problems such as the ease with which HDMI cables tend to fall out of their sockets. There is a solution now to that one: Blue Echo Solutions at offers a universal locking adaptor for HDMI cables.

The State of the Pop Recording Industry
– The director of operations at a top Nashville studio predicts that “until we can figure out a way to monetize recorded music again, the budgets are going to diminish.”  He also said that music has been devalued, with physical formats as a delivery system for music continuing to decline. Another recording pro spoke of some of the industry trends. He observed that in spite of the DTV switchover, the production of TV spots with HD and 5.1 sound is not as commonplace as you might expect, that more mix sessions are being done remotely using the Net due to the expense of traveling, and that the new Auratone (the tiny, flawed near-field monitor speakers used in most studios) is the even worse little speakers built into laptops!  So be prepared for pop music recordings to get even worse than they already are with compression and EQ…

Where Is HD?
– To find out exactly how much HD programming is available in your area – from over-the-air, cable, satellite, etc. – go to   The site also shows the ratio of HD to non-HD programming from each source.
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