Audio News for January 18, 2013

by | Jan 18, 2013 | Audio News

What Tickled CES 2013 – Now that the Consumer Electrics Show—the world’s largest tradeshow—is over, a couple social networking firms collected what Twitter users thought of the event: Samungs new Youm flexible smartphone got a lot of attention, and people talked about Sony’s Xperia Z smartphone. Samsung’s huge UDH TV also got attention, and one of the most popular items may have been the new Phablets. That’s not a typo—it’s a new trend in devices that are half smartphone and half tablet.

Radical New Speaker from Gallo –  The Strada 2 looks sleek and modern like its predecessor, but is designed to offer audiophile performance with the real world limitations often associated with the breed. It has a new drive circuit for the proprietary CDT 3 tweeter, and its dispersion/wave launch pattern has been recalibrated to project a holographic soundfield regardless of room acoustics. Its efficiency is up 95% to play as loud as its previous incarnation at just half the input power. The Strada 2 perform equally well up close on a desktop or in stereo/home theater systems, and are perfect for anyone just wanting great HDTV sound. Anthony Gallo says “it makes most bad recordings still sound enjoyable, and better recordings sound amazing.”

DTS Announces DTS Headphone:X – Their Headphone:X offers a complete virtual surround sound experience—up to 11.1 channels—via headphones. Headphone:X takes advantage of the advanced properties of the DTS-HD audio codec, and can simulate the experience of being in any movie theater or the movie’s mixing stage. Additionally, DTS Play-Fi is now compatible with Windows PCs as well as Android portable devices. Along with PC integration, Play-Fi for Android has been updated with Internet radio access to stream news, music, talk radio and sport programming, podcasts and more.

Flingo’s Samba System Integrated Into Smart-TVs – MStar Semiconductor will integrate Flingo’s new Samba multi-screen sync software into a chip for smart TVs. Samba enables synchronization of any screen—TV, tablet, smartphone or computer—with live TV shows. It automatically IDs ads and TV shows, presenting the viewer with real-time information and discussions about the programming being played on the TV. MStar is also a pioneer in multi-screen TV, allowing easy connection of smartphones, tablets and computers to a TV to enhance the viewing experience.

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