Audio News for January 20, 2017

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Audio News

Schools Dive Into Video Stream – Two national companies – National High School Sports Network and The Cube, have been joined by WSN – a new streaming technology in 38 classrooms so far. Unlike the other two, who offer only the software, WSN offers a turn-key package of hardware, software and technical support. The other two streaming companies charge $10 per view, but WSN charges more to bigger high schools which typically have a bigger budget. Coverage of high school sports produces income beyond ticket sales and fund-raising efforts.

The Video Encoding and Transcoding Market – The demand for video streaming services is increasing due to proliferation of online media services on the Internet and mobile platforms globally. Encoding and transcoding equipment plays an important role in enabling baster delivery of media contact to end users. A video encoder converts an analog-based video content to digital format to make it compatible to run on Internet and mobile devices. Sometimes a video transcoder is use to convert an existing digital video content to another digital format for smooth functioning.

Both encoder and transcoder must retain the video quality while converting to a different video format. However, there is considerable loss of video quality based on the technology used for conversion. Encoders allow video broadcasters to reduce network congestion and allow high data bandwidth that can be further utilized for other purposes. Altho the quality may be better with a hardware-based encoder compared to software encoders, it is easier to upgrade to the latter. The introduction of high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) is anticipated to boost the demand for video transcoders among network operators and media firms in coming years.

NVIDIA Reboots Shield TV – The new media streamer delivers 4K HDR video streaming and is unmatched for streaming, gaming and AI. It can control and interact with content thru AI from anywhere in the house. It supposedly provides three times the performance of any other streaming device, and supports Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and VUDU. It will son be able to stream Ubisoft games, and is the first streaming device to incorporate the hands-free Google Assistant. Its SmartThings Hub is able to connect to many smart home devices, and the NVIDA SPOT is an AI mic accessory. It uses Android technology is currently available on pre-order with controller and remote, for $199. Updates later this month will be free.

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