Audio News for January 27, 2017

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Audio News

End-To-End Multilingual Streaming Solution –  Osprey Video has partnered with Belgium-based streaming company Streamovations. to present videos in multiple languages thru a single turnkey system based on software certified to work with Osprey Video hardware. They wanted to develop a system so that any organization could accomplish its streaming goals, since many need to share live video on the web in multiple languages simultaneously, but there is no out-of-the-box system to do it. Customers can capture, encode, transcode, manage, analyze and store all content, streaming up to 32 audio feeds with one system. The video is properly mixed with the different audio tracks for each language. It uses new Osprey cards, and simplifies streaming for anyone in any industry, even if they need to stream in just one language.

Samsung Soundbar Works Without Rear Speakers – The New Samsung HW-K850 Soundbar delivers both the width and height of sound associated with Dolby Atmos mixes, and its powerful subwoofer ensures there is not shortage of movie-friendly bass, too. The subwoofer is just a big black box, but it is wireless and is designed to sit behind another chair or cabinet. It has full 4K, HDR passthrough in a compact and attractive design. It has two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output supporting the latest HDCP 2.2 anti-piracy protocols; it also supports audio return- channel functionality too. It provides both Bluetooth audio (using iOS or Android) and wireless network connectivity.  It will be out in a couple months at about £900 (in the UK).

Good Advice from Sound & Vision Concerning the Lower Reliability of Wireless – “Here’s some advice since you’re specifically interested in streaming high-res audio: either use a wired Ethernet connection or upgrade your wireless router to the best possible model you can afford. I’ve found that older 802.11n routers aren’t a reliable option for high-res streaming via DLNA; you’re more likely to get glitch-free playback when using a dual-band router that supports data streaming over the 5 GHz band, or an 802.11ac router, which boosts data throughput to 1.3 Gbps. Powerline adapters, which use your home’s electrical wiring to distribute data, are another good option.” [I had nothing but trouble with my wireless Wi-Fi radio, but hooking it up via Ethernet solved all the problems…Ed.]

Sony Flagship Walkman Elevates the Hi-Res Sound Experience –  The Sony NW-WM1Z is the Signature Series and combines sophisticated sound technology with beautifully crafted, high-grade materials and class-leading usability. It has 256 BG of memory and S-Master HX digital amp technology and comes in gold. It is fully encased in a high-grade gold-plated oxygen-free copper chassis, which lends the player its unique natural acoustic sound. It supports DSD Native as well as all the popular audio file formats. Price online is £2562.

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