Audio News for July 11, 2014

by | Jul 11, 2014 | Audio News

LG Shows Flexible & Transparent OLED Panels – LG Display has developed an 18-inch flexible OLED panel that can be rolled up, as well as an 18-inch transparent OLED panel. The flexible panel has an HD resolution of 1200 by 810 with nearly a million megapixels; it can be rolled up to radius of only 3cm with affecting its function. The backplane of the panel is not conventional plastic but high molecular substance-based polyimide film, which helped reduce the panel thickness. LG plans to bring rollable TVs of more than 50 inches to the market in the future. They feel that by 2017 they will have a UHD flexible and transparent OLED panel of more than 60 inches, with transmittance of more than 40% and a curvature ratio is 100R.

Sprint to Carry ZTE Smart Projector – The Sprint LivePro device is a mini projector which can cover a 10-inch to 10-foot area, with a 3G/4G LTE mobile hot spot, yet it measures less than 5 inches square and is only 1.1 inches thick. Content can be shared via HDMI or USB cables and up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices can be supported simultaneously. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, it can also charge other devices via USB, and has both Bluetooth and Android.

Classical Music in a Car Park – London’s Peckham Rye has hosted a modern art gallery and is the site of one of London’s first rooftop restaurants, but now for £5 people can hear London’s Multi-Story Orchestra perform Stravinsky and Andrissen in the concrete structure. They have held five concerts during the past two years with the aim to bring classical music out of its shackles and to a new audience. The goal is to whet the appetite for classical music beyond the confines of traditional venues.

A New Online Music Library for New Listeners, Experts, Collectors and Lovers of Classical Music – The Andante Media HA-RARCHIV has opened access to its extensive catalog of European classical music via the ClassiCal Music Calendar iPhone app. The fully-integrated music player has various options for sorting tracks and helping users to manage the permanently growing library of music. It has classical music recordings from over 40 years of music history by well-known and established European orchestras, distinguished soloists, ensembles and conductors as well as international award winners. The calendar’s daily view so far contains the anniversaries of the the births and deaths of over 400 composers from more than 25 countries and will be extended. ClassiCal was released in over 100 English and German-speaking countries around the world and is now being offered in China.

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