Audio News for July 22, 2016

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Audio News

Munich Philharmonic Launches Its Own Record Label – The Munich Philharmonic and its music director – Valery Gergiev – will release its first two albums on its own new label on Sep. 30th. They will be Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 and Bruckner’s Symphony No. 4. 

Global Consumer Electronics Market Growth –  A report by RNOS shows that the consumer electronics market has experienced an incredible growth in this digital era. Mobility, connectivity and personalization remain the most important current trends. The growing desire for people to stay connected and informed makes wireless consumer devices an opportunity. The rise in disposable income (?), rising awareness among consumers, and launch of innovative technological products are among factors accelerating the global consumer electronics market. North America tops the market share, followed by the Asia-Pacific region. OLED TVs, smartphones and tablets are among few products witnessing high growth and immense potential.

Collaboration on 3D Headphones From 3D Sound Labs and Innovation Technology – The collaboration of the two firms is to bring 3D audio headphones to their customers. Innovation Technology will become a licensee for the “powered by 3D Sound Labs” hardware and software technologies, and will provide its customers with reference designs for VR and gaming.  3D Sound Labs, in Hong Kong, develops 3D audio software technologies as well as hardware to enable immersive and realistic audio experiences for movies, video games and VR. They created the world’s first Smart 3D Audio Headphones. (The only really successful multichannel headphones I have heard, from Smythe Research, were outrageously expensive and have been discontinued…Ed)

Now 360-degree Video – Social media has a new medium – 360-degree video. The ability of brands to control their own messages has been eroded. The rewards will be immense for those bands who learn to create engaging, open experiences where they are not fully in control. Smartphones become a small and movable window into a virtual world. Instead of clicking on arrows or manipulating a mouse to pan, you just move your smartphone or tablet out in front of you, changing the viewing angle, resulting in a more seamless and intuitive experience. 360 has to be inspiring, like a work of art. It has to elicit emotion and tug at a viewer’s sense of curiosity – giving them a reason to explore. But that’s not easy to pull off. Movies are already taking advantage of 360. Tourism industries will find it useful because it make’s you feel like you’re there. Headsets are unlikely to have much impact. Google Glass demonstrated that people don’t like to wear funky things on their heads when they are around other people. Once the technology catches up, we’ll get clear hi-def pictures of what is happening all around the video camera – as well as seamless transitions between viewing angles in near real time.

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